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  1. My "friend" played this hand like an idiot, and I suffered for it..lol...i called, because I felt the other villian was on a draw, and that my "friend" was only calling me because it was me...he ends up over calling...Villian has 10/8 clubs, and my friend has a set of 3's
  2. I've been on a terrible downswing..it's so bad, that if i didnt' keep track of wins/losses, i would be thinking I'm a loser for the year...anyways...i really need some help.Villain is a tight/agg player. He's in the BB. It's about 7 handed, and a straddle. Hero is on button. There are about 3 limpers, hero limps in with 33, sb folds, villain/bb calls $5 more, and UTG checks his option. Flop - $60 2 4 5 rainbow5 checks to hero on buttonHero bets $35 (stack is $550ish left)BB/villain raises to $80 (has about $500 left)4 foldsHero calls $45Turn - $2208 (2 diamonds now on board - i had the 3
  3. lol, i never been told that...maybe i can go with that instead, since no one ever knows who Shyne is anyways...
  4. so this may be a dumb thread..but i always look at ppl's usernames in the forums, and wonder how they came up with it...lol..so i'll go first...back when i was younger, i liked the rapper Shyne..not sure if any of y'all are familiar with him...he went to jail and recently got released...anyways, he used to call himself "shyne po"...after a harlem drug dealer named "al-po" (who was named after the dog food)..i added the 3 on the end because sometimes it would be taken, and 3 is my fave #...
  5. well, i think he's calling with whatever he has...whether it be the set, straight, fd..he invested 1/3 already...but i guess i need to look at it as a whole, and realize that in the long run, pushing is the correct thing to do...(just maybe not against this player..lol, really..at least sometimes)
  6. no other insights here? i really want to gain more from this hand...lol..
  7. why can't it include a 9 from the sb? he can easily represent a 9 by making a nice healthy raise, and hero is hard pressed to call
  8. I'm not sure about the turn bet. I think you should check behind here, especially if you think a 9 could be in his range. You're playing deep, and you can get raised off your big draw.Seems fine though....actually, i probably either bet more on the river, depending on the player. I'd try to make it look like a bluff.
  9. Ok...well i 'm good you think that...against most players, i would fold, knowing i'm not good in this spot...because of the two villains tendencies, especially with villain 2 in general, and villian 1's propensity to assume i bluff a lot (it's quite ridiculous with what he calls me with..., and i've proven him wrong so many times, yet he continues to do so), i really felt that i'm leading here over 50% of the time. With the $$ in the pot, and my remaining stack, i felt i had to call here.
  10. Ok, the two villains in the hand, villain 1 is a bad player...plain and simple. He's kind of like a friend of mine, but he seems to think i'm bluffing all the time and calls me thin...extremely thin. Villain 2 is a good player, but he tends to bluff/semibluff a lot...in this session, his stack has went from about 1500 down 600 since i got there...he makes ambitious plays too much.Hero is in BB with 2 7 diamonds.6 limpers, sb completes, hero checks.flop ($40)2 club 3heart 7 clubsb checkshero bets $30 (stack is $350)fold foldvillain 1 calls $30 (stack is $250)foldvillain 2 calls $30 (stack
  11. Against most opponents, even multiple oppenents in the same spot, yes, i do agree with you, that it would be a profitable situation to push. However, against this one opponent, whom i have described as good, and an excellent hand reader btw, i think his range narrows considerably when he makes than raise against a bet and a call. Like i said, i would have to say 95 of the time he holds either a set, flush draw, or made straight. Knowing that he could have either of these 3 hands equally, 95% of the time, is it still profitable to push?
  12. ok, but did u read what i wrote? i know, but honestly, what is he raising with here? i told you he's a good player..he's not raising with a pair..he either has 1 of the 4 hands (set, straight, higher fd, or lower fd - this being the least likely)...i dont know, the more i think about it, the more it seems a marginal shove/call at best...he's not going to bet 1/3 of his stack and fold to a shove (cause he's a good player), only hand i have crushed is a lower fd/straight combo.....he had a fd, q8 clubs...i hit my straight, but he said to me afterwards that i should've folded..and it made me th
  13. i think there is a big emphasis on mp, who has the biggest stack. but tbh, like ninja said above, he only calls with the nuts, and that's extremely unlikely with his flat call. he's loose, but not a terrible player.villian only has about 200 left....but essentially shove/or or 275 is obviously the same. i guess 275 protects us a bit, in the really really rare case that mp played his had awful and ends up waking up with a monster.what i dont really get is how no one thinks that maybe villian has a higher flush draw here....and if he does, then we only have 6 outs. if he has a straight alrea
  14. yeah, i couldn't find the bad beat section anyways...this forum is like dead...i can't believe my topics stay on the fcp home page for so long..lol
  15. no no...the raiser, who took it to 120, is a short stack...the mp, who has me covered, just called my original 20...i'm not too worried about him, because he would definitely have raised my bet with a set/straight, since the board is very wet..so when we go all in, are we under the assumption that villain will call his last 200 and that is what we want? what range do we assign him?
  16. deep stack 10nl? So, the blinds are 2cent/5cent? i'm thinking about giving online another shot, but only playing 25nl and that's it. 6 max, and 1 table.
  17. those min raises that scream strength...so u folded right?
  18. so, i got a good bad beat story...good meaning it turned out good for me...pocket AA's in MP, utg raises to 15 (a smallish raise in this game, either means he has a monster or just wants to beef up the pot), utg + 2 calls, I re-raise to $55, everyone else folds, utg and utg +2 calls.pot is now $172flop comes K K 4, no flush drawutg checksutg + 2 bets $20 (i know exactly what his bet is, he's trying to rep a king, but doesnt want to risk anything - he's a really bad player, and playing with him for a while now, i dont know how he stays in the game, lol)hero raises to $60 (weak too, almost as ba
  19. why that instead of shoving? to make it look like to villain i want to get more $$ into the pot from the MP, and hopefully he'll fold?also, do you guys lead out here on the flop or check raise?
  20. well, he's not only calling with the nuts...lol (cause that's what i did and he called)....but dont u think you may be against another flush draw? if i shove, it's only 200 more to him, into a 495 pot....that's about the right odds to call with a flush draw...
  21. The raiser is a good player, whom knows that I think he's a good player...loose with his preflop range, but that's his only fault and probably makes up for it with his post flop play. I think it's important to know that he knows that I respect his play...Hero is in BB with J 7 clubs3 limpers, sb completes, hero checksflop - 355 6 8 with 2 clubssb checkshero bets $20 (stack is $600 - i think i should have check raised here) mp calls $20 (has hero covered)villain/raiser raises to $100 (stack is $200 behind)sb foldshero????Does it still feel like 15 outs? MP's call doesnt really mean anything..
  22. if i was to steal with 10/10 in the sb, i'd probalby take it to 7ish...but, 10/10 is not bad to flat no?i dont get the whole raise 3/6/12 on the flop in the 2nd hand..i mean, why are you min raising? and i tend to think on a 2 flush board flop, a min raise is like the limit free card play..for the one who's in position...that's just me though...it looks like a draw to me.
  23. yeah, i definely see what you're saying, and i do practice that (pricing out drws - but i usually do it when i have a bit more than tptk, if it's not heads up)...i was just a bit confused with swol's logic as to shove instead of raise, but he clarified it...which makes sense..lately, i notice that i've been getting too greedy with my made hands against draws with more than 3-4 players in the hand. like this hand i played the other day, i didnt raise on the flop...i'm going to make a thread on it, and i'm pretty sure everyone is going to say i should have raised...provotrout, you still playii
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