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  1. looking back, i think i should have just shoved the flop or even pre.....especially the way the hand played out...but, anyone think i did ok to check-raise shove? that probably let's all flush draws in, but i still maximize right?anyways, i shoved, got called by utg+1 and mp..the two biggest donks at the table...utg+1 has k/q spades, and mp has j/8 off...retarded...turn 9, river 10..ugghanother nice pot not shipped my way...this is suppose to happen right? it just seems like a lot lately...i need to be assured i did the correct thing, cause it kept ringing in my head "1 pair, u shoved with 1
  2. but, shoving, for the villian, i woudnt' be happy...wouldn't u rahter call on the turn, (if you are villian)...and i fold to the shove on the turn if i'm hero...correct move or bad?
  3. a/k off, 10/10, 99....seems like normal raising hands..he did admit later he had a/k though..i think 30 was a bit too small with the way the table was playing..
  4. exactly what i did...but i didnt like it...and u aren't going to believe what i got called with...i'll say later if anyone wants to add anything..
  5. when u say that,do you mean he's basically saying he has an overpair? cause hero could easily have 8/7 suited right? especially with the min raise...i'm a bit suprised that villain shoved with 10/3....an overpair was the only hand he was beating..
  6. yeah, 4bet pre and get in it hopefully...3 handed, qq is close to the nuts..so Corvair, do you find .10/.25 a good fit for learning the online game? i've read your posts in the past, and we have similiar poker histories (played on and off for a long time, recently started playing against but taking it seriously)....i tried online last month, but got my ass handed to me in a number of different limits ranging from $1/2 (which was expected) all the way down to .02/.05 (which wasn't lol)....i really want to give it a go again, because i think online is the best way to improve my game...did u try
  7. it depends really...but to observant players, i will play them similar., and show the a/k, successful or not..
  8. nothing is going my way....if things keep up, i will be down for the year....and then i will have to quit..lol..(maybe not, but u never know)..anyways, the table has like 5 loose, bad calling stations....previous hand, there was about 6 limpers, i was in the bb with ak, and i raised to 40...because 2 of the loosepassive called, 3 more decided to join....it was ridiculous...anyways, this next hand comes up...i'm in the sb with a/q hearts..and stack is 250 (low)...utg +1 (loose and bad - $200ish) calls $5mp (loose and really bad $400ish) calls $5mp + 1 raises to $30 (tight player $400ish)button
  9. what do you do when villian bets pot on river? fold? the reason i ask is because the way hero played this hand, if i'm villian, it looks exactly like a medium overpair...and with the way the board came out, i will fire all 3 streets with overs (ak, etc) and and overpairs (qq+) the exact same....
  10. I've noticed that at the club i play, the 1/2 players try to make the most insane bluffs...and get way too tricky with their made hands.....there's this one player, who always min raises bluff on the river...you can always call him with top pair and expect to be good...but if he has top pair or better, he will never raise, just call...ridiculous...lol...
  11. even full ring? i can def understand 6 max...but even if the button is the one doing the raising, i really can't see this as a profitable move with anything less than 10/10+ or ak off and better....unless the button is crazy..am i missing something?edit*** i see that you said "at FR"...man i must be missing something..lol
  12. ??? this is full ring/9 handed....i dont mind re-raising prebut the flop? and turn?edit***actually, i either shove or check raise shove on the turn...
  13. lol...so dont adjust at all? i'd be raising to 20-25 sometimes with no limpers
  14. No, i beat K5 clubs...but i'm not positive i'm up against two pair/flush...i would think it's best to lean towards shoving and maybe getting two pair to fold...a flush will call regardless, but i still have outs against... Yeah, ...i had just won a pot, and i was stacking chips...all eyes were on me when i went to look at my cards and i was kind of in a hurry, so i just threw $8 out..which is my standard raise with no limpers...but i did see the limpers..lol... that's what i was thinking...too small all the way... yeah, see above..
  15. I was playing the 1/2 game, while waiting for the 2/5 seat to open up...and this hand came up...for some reason, due to me not use to playing these blinds, my bet sizing must've been off (as with the rest of the hand as played)...and does anyone bet the river here for value? I have AA...i dont really remember stack sizes that well...UTG calls $2UTG + 1 calls $2 Hero raises to $8 (stack was $170)Button calls $8 (had about $100)SB foldsBB foldsUTG calls $8 (had us covered)UTG + 1 calls $8 (i dont remember cause he folded on the flop)flop $35K 7 3, two spades - i have the ace of spadesUTG checks
  16. i find it odd that you limped, esepcially with the posts that i normally see from you (you're a competent online player), so i would assume you are from the never limp in first regardless of what you have crowd.....i dont really mind your limp if the table is aggro.....i would have raised the c/o flop bet, to take the lead i think you could've (maybe) gone for a check raise on the river - since he def would bet the king as a bluff....or a smaller bet to induce a raise...but i like the pot bet lead out too..
  17. thanks...but i think at the table, i was too late to consider it...had i instantly, or maybe waited about 5 seconds after his bet to shove, it would've worked.....i find myself getting angrier and angrier at losing hands that shouldn't been called by a villain in the first place...when i was winning, i didnt mind the calls, but now, i look at the monster pots i build only to lose to a bad river, or a hand that has no business being there, and i feel like, damn, that's the difference between a winning /losing session...
  18. yeah, i guess i am...but man, the minute i saw his hand, i was like wtf... i should've shoved over his bet...i know he would think i had a 6 and trying to make it look like a bluff (which it would be)..but he would be smart enough to fold it...it's funny, cause im thinking he's a good player, i'm assuming he'll fold the winner..lol...
  19. i have that fbi book....but trying to read into physical tells is probably the most difficult thing i've encountered in poker....especially if a player is aware..anyways, i called, and he had A-5....in hindsight, i think i should have raised his river bluff...his 100 bet was meant as a blocker bet, and he probably would've folded if i raised all in..
  20. yes, but do you put him on a 6 when he bets only $100? I think he'll bet more, no? Obviously, i know what he has, so my thinking is skewed a bit...but i really think he bets closer to 1/2 - 2/3 pot if he has a 6. the 100 bet seems more like "i want to get to showdown" bet...
  21. this is probably one my biggest weaknesses...trying to pick up the pot when i should just take the safe card and check behind. especially heads up or three handed, its' ridiculous how many times i'll fire a bet when i should check...i'm not worried about the double cr, especially with this player, since i would expect a donk to do that with a monster...anyways, after i bet 110, he calls, and the river is a 3...he fires out 100 flat...looks like a value/blocking bet no? does anyone raise here as a bluff?
  22. Then i definitely played this wrong on the turn....I bet $110 on the turn when checked to.I just felt most of the time he would have a 3, or a weak 5 or less, and think that I was betting on the button to pick up the pot. When I call his raise, and then bet when checked to, i was hoping he would put me on a bigger hand that what he has.So betting the turn is not the right play here in the long run?
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