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  1. You have 9 hearts, 3 7's (excluding 7h), and I'll give you 1.5 T's (if you confident those outs are good, subject to a redraw I subtracted half the outs)... 13.5 x 2 outs... 27 / 47 > 50%. You COULD semibluff here (if called, even if your T's are no good, your about 50 50), but its fine to just flat call and wait to see if you hit. I'm fine with either. I raise to about 200 - 250 preflop with a limper behind. Otherwise standard.

  2. Don't post results. I don't mind the minraise on the flop, but I don't read it as strength as I've seen it used exactly as you've used it numerous times (a "do you have a hand?" bluff). I think the question on the turn is what range of hands does he have that he flat-calls the flop with and folds the turn getting 3:1? He likely doesn't have a drawing hand. He might not have a strong hand (set, TPTK) but I don't think you have nearly as much fold equity as you think you have though. I think I put his range after the flop at exactly 99+, AQ+. If you think he wouldn't hesitate on the flop with a set (the equivalent of struggling over a decision with a FH live), then you can take 99 and JJ out of his range. With the amount of chips you had and the read you have on chip leader though, I saw no reason to get involved in this hand past the flop. Just my opinion.Edit: Looking at the results, I think you posted them looking for justification for this play. Please edit them out so you get actual responses instead of biased ones and/or flames. Thanks.

  3. No reads on villain (1 rotation, seen him play one hand only), FT.. payouts 40, 30, 20, 10PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t200 (7 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Button (t5995)Hero (t2850)BB (t4330)UTG (t2645)MP1 (t3585)MP2 (t2105)CO (t5490)Preflop: Hero is SB with 7 :D , A :club: . 5 folds, Hero raises to t600, BB calls t400.Flop: (t1200) 2 :D , 7 :D , J :D(2 players)Hero bets t800, BB raises to t3730, Hero ?2-Part Question: 1) Do you push the flop instead? 2) Do we autocall the reraise?I was on auto-pilot (aka playing non-thinking poker) when this hand came up and I realized I hadn't thought of what I was trying to accomplish with the flop bet.

  4. Some of these hero calls are made by donk calling stations, no doubt. However, I'm inclined to think that players might just be getting smarter, and with appropriate odds on the river (if your getting 2:1 to make a call, and theres a significant chance that the villain is bluffing a missed draw), these hero calls may just be +EV. Some people may take this to the extreme, but I feel that from personal experience in microlimit cash games, if a river bet looks fishy and there's numerous hands in his range that may constitute a complete bluff, its often correct to call. I think we've seen so many river bluffs, that many players have simply adapted by not taking these river bets at face value.

  5. Push. Your way ahead of any draws hes semibluffing with, and really your only significantly behind to a hand like 66 or 55 (flopped set), and even then you have 9 outs twice - 2 for FH considerations (16/ 45)... ~needing 3.2:2 to call. Thats WORST case scenario. I'd say your around or slightly better than 50% against his complete range. Call.

  6. If your read on him is that he's a calling station, I'm looking to extract maximum value out of trips. There are hands that beat us, but I think we're more likely ahead of his range (both pre-river-raise and calling ranges) to put out a sizable raise. I raise to about $10 trying to extract value out of trips as well as possibly an ace. If he has you beat, so be it, but I'm going broke here getting my money into the pot.(This is all assuming that he's a donktastic calling station of course)

  7. I agree. Small sample no doubt, but I ran about 75% ROI through 60 1.75's and 80% ROI** 3 tabling the 3.25 /45's through a sample of 105. I switched over to cash games for a bit, but I'm back playing the 6.50 /18's, which are fairly beatable, just a bit less soft than the microlimit sng's. Point being: the donk-limit turbos are a very nice bankroll booster when your starting up, especially since you can get comfortable multitabling 3 - 4 SNG's at a time and not lose much in terms of ROI.Edit: Changed ROI, actually was a typo. Seemed wrong when I typed it out, but I double checked it. My PT seems to have messed up the buyin level for that particular set of sng's. Any idea how I can fix this?

  8. Easy shove as mentioned. By the way just curious: I thought you moved up to 5 dollar STTs? The 1.75's are a pretty fast way of building a bankroll from under 100 dollars (esp if you multitable them) but was wondering why you moved down, esp if you have the BR to support higher buyins.

  9. His mother was crying in the other room because her father had passed away and his death had just come on the heels of her losing her job, entering her 50's, losing her husband to an affair and the local Red Lobster she used to frequent every week with her co-workers, whom were her only real source of joy in life was closed to unhealthy practices, affecting his ability to concentrate?
    wtf. lol
  10. Shovel. If CL's range is fairly loose, I'll take a 70-30 against his range in order to double up and get myself in position for a dominating stack at the final table. There's no way we pass up this spot. In addition, your also probably ahead of MP's range, so if he calls, worst case scenario is he takes down the pot IF cl calls (if mp calls, and CL wins the pot, you bust out 18th making the money). If he folds getting 4:1, there's additional dead money in the pot. Get it in there.

  11. Re-pop preflop and this flop plays itself, IMO. Edited the rest. I misread the action.
    Agreed. As played, if villain is cbetting anything here, i repop to about 70 and try and push villain out of this hand. If you get shoved into, I guess its a question of what range villain would do this with. If its 88/99+ (or if you think villain might re-raise bluff you with overcards), its close, but I'd probably call. Flat calling with jacks really disguises your hand, so villain might be tempted to overplay his hand not putting you on something like JJ. The fact that the donkey is also in this hand probably reinforces raising the flop.
  12. Honestly, in these things you should be exploiting bubble play against those who care about cashing and aiming for a top3 finish. I'm not saying the cash bubble isn't important, but if you have an edge on the bubble, usually its a bad idea to play passively in hopes of squeaking into the money unless ur desperately shortstacked.

  13. I fold for two reasons. One is prior action. The fact that this is the first contested pot means you are likely a coin flip, or possibly crushed. The second is the payout structure. Each step up the pay scale earns you 10% of the prize pool. This is pretty flat, and means if you can move up by folding and having the big stack take out the shortie, you can lock up more cash, and play (as a dog) for the final 10% of the prize. Of course, I dont hate a call here.
    Not sure if you considered this but if the bigstack won the hand, I'd still go out in 2nd place. I think that's one of the major reasons to advocate a call in this situation (not saying I think calling is correct, just that maybe this wasn't considered).
  14. Hey, just wondering if anyone knew of a way to reset the players poker stats at the table for after a rebuy period b/c i know that alot of people will play a different range of hands during the rebuy then they will after the break.the only filter I can think of is the one where it just shows the last so many hands, but thats not what im really looking for.Any suggestions?
    Un-include all blind levels that took place in the rebuy period. Hope that helps.
  15. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t800 (3 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Button (t5120)SB (t12405)Hero (t9475)Preflop: Hero is BB with T :club: , T :D . Button raises to t5070, SB raises to t9340, Hero ?We've been 3-handed for about 10 - 12 hands now. Most of the hands have gone raise preflop, fold, fold. I can't remember a hand that actually saw a flop. SB is a all in or fold preflop player for the most part, fairly tight. Button is a bit more passive, but not loose by any means. VPIPs are at about 20% for SB, and 30 - 35% for Button (I didn't have PT open at this moment, this is purely off observational guesstimates). Payouts are standard 18-man SNG. 1st gets 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%.

  16. I would normally raise the flop, but you open yourself up to getting reraised on a semibluff which could also potentially be a hand that dominates you (aka your likely to be folding the best hand at that point). I call the flop, with the intent of betting out/calling a turn if a non-diamond hits. I'd probably call down a non-diamond river as well. Hate these kind of spots though. If you win the pot, youre a good player. If you lose the pot, youre a calling station.

  17. Let me put it this way: the small reraise preflop sets alarm bells ringing in my head, esp since he has a history of min-raising his big hands.

    Wow...I can not say what to do as I do not think I have ever raised J8s pf at a full table so I've never been in this situation...
    I guess it really depends on how much of a textbook tourney player you are. I like to mix up my play quite a bit when I have chips to play with and try and stack big hands. I guess my real question is do you call or raise here? I guess an argument could be for folding given the information I have provided, but I feel that:1) I'm getting a good price on the flop to see a turn card2) If he does have a big hand as I suspect, I have implied odds if I can improve.3) I might have the best hand.My question really is: do you call to see a turn card? Or do you raise to define where you stand? AND is putting him on a huge hand here too weak? Is his range actually a lot bigger. I don't have a large history with this player by any means, but small raises/re-raises preflop always make me weary.Btw, the raise preflop is made for two reasons: 1) I feel I have some fold equity if no one else has a decent hand 2) If I'm called and hit a large draw or board, my hand is well disguised. So for any of you "well if you're going to raise J8 preflop, you might as well stick it in cuz you hit your flop" theorists, I don't wanna hear it :club: lol.
  18. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t200 (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)MP1 (t4850)Hero (t15575)MP3 (t10935)CO (t12238)Button (t17661)SB (t22748)BB (t8637)UTG (t4360)UTG+1 (t1379)Preflop: Hero is MP2 with 8 :D , J :D . 2 folds, MP1 calls t200, Hero raises to t775, 1 fold, CO raises to t1350, 3 folds, MP1 folds, Hero calls t575.Flop: (t3200) 5 :club: , 2 :D , J :D(2 players)Hero checks, CO bets t1000, Hero ?24/14 after about 25 hands. Saw him minraise AA preflop with 1 limper behind in MP, and bet out the flop and turn fairly strong. Whats your play here? Avg stack about 10.5k, 1500ish players left.

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