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  1. mosely i get those too, all i need to do is look away from my computer for a couple of seconds and then everything goes back to normal, but i never get any pain with it
  2. I dont remember any of the details of betting and whatnot, but in our homegame, with the final board was K Q J X X, the one player turns over A2 and says that he has a straight and starts to take in the pot. He didnt believe anyone when we said that you couldnt do that, so he went to the computer to look it up online. He was not the happiest person after that hand.
  3. 1 Daniel Negreanu $ 1,100,000 2 Lee Markholt $ 360,000 3 Kia Mohajeri $ 310,000 4 Bryant King $ 286,000 5 Brian Lamkin $ 220,000 6 Brandon Adams $ 120,000
  4. brown doubles up through DNOn a flop of [7♠][6♥][5♦] Daniel Negreanu bet about 40k and Chad Brown moved all in for 44.5k. Negreanu called the small raise and the players showed:Chad Brown [Q♠][8♠]Daniel Negreanu [J♠][4♠]The turn and river came [A♠][K♦] and Brown took the pot with his [Q] high to double up.
  5. Michael Tait pushed all in from middle position for 52k and Daniel Negreanu called from the small blind. The players showedMichael Tait [A♦][Q♦]Daniel Negreanu [9♥][9♣]The board came [5♦][7♥][K♣][8♣][10♦] and Negreanu's pocket nines held up to eliminate Tait in 16th place with $22,895.
  6. I think anyone here puts their money in as well. The only way you could get away from the hand was if you put the other player on the case J and 1 of the 2 remaining 6's. I know personally, I couldn't make a read like that. He had to have 2 exact cards to tie you, with only 3 of them left in the deck. It is unfortunate that he hit his runner runner low, but if 2 cards come that are higher than a 6, are you going to be as confident with your full house when it is no longer the nuts? When the villain repotted it to you on the turn, I think something should be going off in your head that he'
  7. In a home game, late in a tournament, I looked down and saw 88. There were 3 limpers ahead of me, I raised, and all 3 called. The flop comes 6 7 8 with 2 spades. The action went crazy at first, with a medium bet, a large raise, and a smooth call. From this action, I figured someone had a large pocket pair, maybe two of them had high pockets, and possibly someone had a straight. I figured even if someone had the straight, I had 1 8, 3 7's, and 3 6's to fill up. I was wrong. Eventually everyone gets it all in. Player 1 shows a set of 6's. Player 2 shows a set of 7's. I have a set of 8'
  8. Comming from a texas hold'em backround, what I have always heard is "when the table is loose, tighten up, and when the table is tight, loosen up" I was wondering if this applies to PLO8. Last night I was playing low limit, and the table that I was at was quite loose and full of calling stations. There were a couple of times when, preflop, I would put in a pot raise with a strong hand, and see 6 people behind me calling. Usually there were 4 players seeing the river, and these guys were not afraid to call large bets at the end with nothing but 2 pair and a dangerous board. After reading th
  9. Ok so after that I feel that my best play would have been to just flat call the turn and then take whatever comes to me on the river. I'm guessing you guys are saying no to the raise on the turn is because at the time, my hand only has potential and nothing else? Well that is what happened, and unfortunately (for me) the river was the 9 , so at least that made my decision on the river easy. Thanks for the replies guys.
  10. ThatPkrGuy, you are right. I meant to write that as I had a nut low draw. I had been playing with these guys for about 30 mins, and I had actually seen some of them going for the low with no high draw, when only drawing to maybe the 4th or 5th low. Basically, I felt that these people were excited just to make any sort of low, which is why I felt my A2 would have been good enough. One of the reasons why I called this flop, which seems to be the big issue here, is because I had seen most of these players paying off big pots with next to nothing, and I felt that if I my low draw, which at th
  11. Im a fairly new player to PLO8, like most converted from texas hold'em. Unfortunately i dont have a hand history, but I have a question on when it is appropriate to raise with a draw. I was in late position with 4 callers ahead of me as well as the button calling behind me. The situation occured when the flop came down 5 6 J with myself holding the A 2 7 10 . After the flop the BB bet the pot, 2 other players called, and I decided to call. I was thinking that if I could keep in enough players and hit the low, I could make some money if I hit my low and there were a lot of pla
  12. I actually go to school with this guy at lehigh. I only ever met the kid once, and I never really liked him. But like all the articles said, he does not seem like the kind of kid who would go out and rob a bank. Honestly, nobody on campus can believe that he would do such a thing, since he clearly comes from an affluent backround.
  13. maybe DN is just waiting til he can get the xbox's so he can send out all the prizes at the same time?
  14. Playing in a home game where we play dealers choice between texas and omaha. The one player has been losing quite a bit, and when it is his turn to deal he goes "Lets try omaha, i mean, since there are double the cards, i have double the chance to win right?" The entire table just started cracking up, and this guy could not understand why.
  15. gotta go with poker stars. first of all, they have the 180 man SNG's, plus if sean can make money on pokerstars, im pretty sure u will be able to :-)
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