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  1. Marchione,I will be in Christchurch for the NZ Champs that week but will be in Melb directly after, likely afew days before the Melb champs begin if i decide not to come back to Sydney for a day or 2.
  2. I have come across many Aussies contributing to this forum and was wondering mabye it would be a good idea to have a get together at the upcoming Melbourne Champs held at Crown. Not too sure about when or where but just throwing the idea out there to gauge interest. It would nbe nice to put some faces to the names and meet many of you. if you are attending any of the events or even considering it, post in this thread and a few of us can possibly get together and organise something. We have about 4 weeks and i wanted to at least get the ball rolling as early as possible.
  3. With the button being as your described i hate cold calling preflop. You play right into his hands by doing this, and he will win each pot when you dont hit the flop and also get away from his hands cheaply when you do hit. Reraise to 18 preflop and lead all flops.As played the only way to play this hand is as if you are way ahead or way behind. You want to extract as much value from hands you beat while losing the min when your behind (not very often).
  4. Bet flop. Slow down if called. If you are way way way ahead or way way way behind.
  5. The factn that he min raises your lead should result in you tagging him as a weak player. Noone who knows anything about playing NL HE would minraise a leader on that flop.Anyway, you lead with the intention of bet/3 betting so do just that. Stack sizes are important here but whatever, raise a little more, more like to 42 and call a push.
  6. Overbet push. If you bet 90-100 he is only calling with a queen anyway so you may as well overbet push and maximise your gain. Betting out a tiny amount to get called by 2 pair hands is pretty bad as you let a lone queen off cheaply. Also by over bet pushing you may sometimes find a donkey who will put you on a missed flush and call you with top 2.
  7. Sorry but you played like a donk and a good player watching this at the table would be ready to explot you in every possible way when he has you in this spot. You were lucky that villain was a donkey.
  8. Guys who are saying you are repping a big pocket pair could not be more wrong. If you had KK and the turn repeated the T and you bet it hard and were called, would you still fire hard on the river? I freaking hope not.If you bet villain calls the his 5 if he has any clue about putting guys on a hand. You are repping a boat or a naked T and every other time you 3 barrel this board you have air.
  9. Check calling turn is fine and firing out a small blocker on the river good. This is kind of a boring spot and your aim is to keep the pot as small as possible.
  10. Pretty sick spot to be honest. I am not worried about the BB as he can have straight draws and 2 pair here often enough, however i am worried about UTG as TT and JJ make up a huge part of his range. Do we know what UTG does with AA here?I call with so much money in the pot and already 200 of our own stack in there, and i put it down to a cooler if we are beat. I just can't find a fold here for 300 odd dollar with botton set. Possible for 200bb total i may think about it for this this amount i sigh and stick it in.
  11. All in baby! It is def wrong not to reraise here for obvious reasons.
  12. I think this is pretty standard. Stacks allow for an easy push on the flop .
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