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  1. i laughed when i saw Daniel running at the end of the commercial. He ran very akwardly. Or maybe it was just because i was high. Either way it was funny.
  2. im INTJ. unfortunately i already knew this from a previous test. im a loser.
  3. God you have to ruin everything lol
  4. Yeah that stuff is pretty awsome to watch. Im also a huge Daly fan so it was nice to see him make a cut
  5. Im on the rail. There must be like 20 of us lol. DOUBLED UP!!!
  6. I feel as though this topic got off to a bad start. I'll try again. ...apocalypse... Dustin "neverwin" Woolf just cashed in the WSOP $5000 NL 6-handed. (insert childlike representation of a crazy story from bible here)Care to restart an old rivalry?
  7. only because you have 52 posts
  8. goose 1and goose 2 just had a baby goose. One day, after going for a swim, goose 2 decides to throw the baby into a fire to dry it off. ...New puchline: Thats why they call it a blowdryer!!!!
  9. luckiest. person. ever.Just kidding. Go Phillip!!
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