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  1. I once went all in with pocket kings with the flow came blank and the guy called me and turned over aces.
  2. I think they will have satelites this year but will not come nothing close to the satelites that pokerstars and party poker has.
  3. I contacted the customer service on the site and talked to them about the charter membership and how I have not received any emails. It took him over a half hour on the chat to find my account and tell me that he will not be able to send me these emails agin. The worst customer service experience I ever had and dont like so far how the new site is turning out.
  4. Thats does not sound good. Should contact the customer service department.
  5. I would fold here because no matter what you going to bet who ever has the ace of club is going to chase the flush all the way to the end and for you hopefully to hit a full house. I would not take that risk.
  6. In 2002 his was diagnosed with having a heart abnormality during the training camp physical but passed the stress to be able to still play. People speculate that his heart condition might have came into play.
  7. Everytime I see zoolander it gets worse but do like the rest of his movies he has been in.
  8. You may be on a upswing right now but even the best player were have down swing and the question is will you be able to handle the down swings.
  9. congratulations. I wish I could take a few days out of college but then I realize I would probably fail the class if I dont go.
  10. Them are the figures to show why you are one the best poker players out there right now.
  11. As long as I keep my grades above a 3.3 people dont really care. I only play about ten hours a week compared to some of the people on the sire. So as long as I keep everything else in my life above par no one really shrugs there shoulder at me.
  12. The most I ever lost was about $500 but that was of my money and not including that I had over a grand in front of me and lost that and lost the $500 of which I started with.
  13. The worst thing I ever seen in a casino was the following: 1. That some threw a chip and hit the guy right in the middle of the forehead and the guy said he just wanted to keep the chiip ($25) and they will call it even. There was a red spot on his forehead the rest of the day. 2. I was playing at a no limit table and a guy went all in for about $300 and when he lost his tore the cards into pieces and threw them on the table which he was banned from the poker room for about a month.
  14. With my home game the majority of the players are decent . So I have to come up with new tyles of play each month so I'm throwing different things out there that they have not seen before. So thats the really thing I dont like about ibecause I have to constantly make new styles of play to win only like 60 dollars.
  15. i think i will be alright will my pick with vancouver over edmonton. Specially that Vacouver has home ice advantage.
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