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  1. Does zees book talk about pot limit much? or mainly limit?One would assume I am best to learn limit first, then the PL8 variation?
  2. Does zees book talk about pot limit much? or mainly limit?One would assume I am best to learn limit first, then the PL8 variation?
  3. Recent convert to o8 seeks guidelines on a couple of tricky hands, particularly ones with an ace, and two lows, and one high, or two highs,and one loweg AQ35, A7QJ, A4KJ, A7QJ, A6JJ, AJ56On one hand, these all have good possibilities (particularly for suited aces) for high, if they hit the board, and have weak low draws,Currently, I am limping in with these, (except when the maniacs are present), and deciding on the flop whether to proceed (usually dump, but occasionally get very lucky and scoop, or get a freeroll).In a shorthanded game, I tend to raise in position, or fold.Am I playing these
  4. New convert has read ss2, currently playing low limit at party and sngs. I know I need more info, and was thinking about getting ray zees book on high low poker of o8 and 7stud8 from 2+2. I have a whole heap of 2+2 books, which are all brilliant, but thought I would ask some others who have been around the block a few times what they think.Also, my pot limit knowledge is exactly zero (quite possibly less than zero), so I am wondering if zees book addresses pot limit properly?Any other books worth getting or worth burning?
  5. Recently read ss2, and have become a sng addict 5+1 at party. I usually play a cash game at the same time, and drop the cash game when the sng gets down to 5 or so players.Thought I would post a couple of figures from pt here, with my thoughts, and hope that I can get some feedback.buy in $5 sng 1 table. 42 tourneys buy in + fee $252 Amount won @280 Net amount $28 ROI 11.1% FInish in $ 38% Av finish 4.1 Wins 6 2nd 6 3rd 4limits 15/30 vpip 27% vpip (sb) 62% wonT$WSF 21.12 bbwon.hand .14 WSD 33% WOn $T at sd 61% PFraise 2.1%My initial thoughts - I am waaaaaay tooo loose (a problem I am getting
  6. Has anybody actually played a decent number of hands with this method? Any postings of results -ie number of hands, limits, ptbbs etc may be enlightening.I personally tried it out at a small limit and got murdered. But it was only for a couple of hours, and all of my big hands got cracked when they were favourites.
  7. Oh, and another thing about what to do if you double or treble up, why not just play the rest of you free (okay, pre paid) hands with an appropriate middle stacked strategy, cash out, and immediately cash in on another table for the minimum? This would allow you to continue to play all of your hands short stacked (assuming that is what you wish to accomplish)
  8. A disclaimer first,I have read millers book about shortstacked nlhe many times, and am about to take the plunge to check it out. Thus, please excuse my ignorance.I read the first couple of pages, but got sick of it when the discussion of theoretical poker turned into a slanging match or tripe.Lets take the following scenario. .5/1 blinds, four players, incl me, see the flop. I go all in, either pre flop or on the flop. Playing against me are three seriously big stacked people named bill gates, warren buffet and kerry packer (who was australias richest man before dying a couple of days ago)Now
  9. No, I was actually referring to deliberately raising all pots that I am FIRST to enter in very late pos. I think sklansky (or someone else) said that if you are say, on the button or one off, and you have a hand you would normally limp with, that you are better off to raise with it, so that you can steal the blinds, or maybe be heads up with one of the blinds, as opposed to limping, and then fighting with both the BB and SBHave tried this, and it works quite well, particularly with tight blinds.Is this not a good idea? (obviously cant do it all the time, and I would be taking notes on the play
  10. makes perfect sense to this newbie now, might just have 2 add it to my play. Kind of toying with the idea of raising everything if you are first into the pot in LP, now understand, I get it, bit like stealing the blinds.
  11. Im only a newbie, but my thoughts are slowly getting in order.Ace rag is a shit hand, cause if the A hits, you have no kicker, and if the kicker hits, it is always bottom pair, can be counterfeited, etc.But, A rag suited is good for the nut flush, and probably nothing else. So, if you are only going to win on the flush (6% of the time by the river), then why raise PF, committing two bets (one unnecesarily) and scare off another possible limper or two? Better to dump A rag on the flop if you dont get the flush/backdraw flush draw.
  12. Yup, I fully agree that I must raise the rockets in the blinds, and in late and middle pos, and agree with the undercurrent that I am a greedy bastard for wanting all and sundry to go with me to the river when I get my fourth ace (just reminiscing there, but it was quad 10's I had the other night. Ahhhhhh, to be bet and raised by a straightr and then a flush card hits that gave me quads, but the straight and flush both wanted to keep raising!)Understand that poker is more about staying out of trouble and missing out on a lot of pots, rather than trying to call everyone down and win my 10% of p
  13. To limp or not to limp, that is the question? whether it is nobler in the poker players mind to limp in with pocket rockets, hoping for overcalls and a late raise, so we can reraise, or whether 'tis best to raise straight out.Had a couple of great starters recently, and raised, and everyone, including the blinds folded. SO, my profit for AA, AKs, and JJ was a grand total of 4.5 small bets. If I had limped in (with the intention of raising), I am sure I would have got some more action.Playing party .5/1, people seem to be happy to limp in , but a lot of tables get skittish with raises.Obviousl
  14. Okay, mason wrote a book or three with sklansky, so he must be alright. Not sure if any of his three essay books are any good, or which ones I might need.I am an intermediate player, small stakes, play online. Particularly interested in examples of post flop play (like sklansky and ed miller and mason malmuth do in SSHE), have ordered TOP and HOH1+2 (not here yet)Anyone care to comment on Malmuth's three essay books?
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