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  1. Unless the villain is a call station (ie, thinks his 2 pair is good on that board when you bet into him), just check-call to pick off bluffs from a busted flush draw.
  2. Never, ever fold top set when it's the nuts. Doesn't matter if it's heads up or multiway.The only time to fold the nuts in PLO is with the nut straight on a drawy board with deep stacks and villain(s) who are betting like you are being freerolled.
  3. Villain overbet shoves a set there virtually never. This is a huge flop for our hand, even better than an Axx flop where we could be buried by AQ/AK or not get any action from lesser hands.
  4. Hardly phenomenal hand reading there. If you need an ego boost, forums are the way to do it though ;)Basically any massive overbet on the river is rarely a bluff. Here's a hand I played in a live $20 donkfest tourny in my building. 10k starting chips, very slow initial blinds. We're in the second level with 50/100 blinds. I am sitting on about 8500 chips. Aggressive guy (Villain) two to my left has 9000. Everyone else is passive.I'm in middle position with 8c9c and limp behind a limper or two. Aggressive guy in late position calls, blinds call.Flop comes Tx 4c 2c. Checks, I check, Vil
  5. 900 in the pot preflop. 2940 left in our stack. (900+2940) : 2940 = 3840 : 2940 = ~1.3:1 odds to call.Against a top pair hand (other than AT or JT) we are 55% to win. Against AT/JT we are ~48% to win. 2 pair or better probably doesn't overshove like that, even if it does we have many outs. We are crushing a worse flush draw. Snap call.
  6. Preflop raise is too big. You don't need to raise to more than 7500 here. As played that is tough because nearly 1/3 of your stack is in already.
  7. 25:1 odds on the flop I will call to take a card off. But when you do that you HAVE to start shoveling money in when you hit that miracle card.
  8. Razz (7-card Stud A-5 Low): 1560 enumerated outcomescards ___________win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV5s 4s Qc Qh 7h 3h 776 49.74 784 50.26 0 0.00 0.497As 4c 3c 2c 4d 4h 784 50.26 776 49.74 0 0.00 Gamboooool!
  9. BB play goot. I'd play it the same as him.
  10. AQ is heavily discounted since most villains won't 3bet in a multiway pot with it from the SB.Basically if we raise, we reopen the betting and get smoked if we are behind and don't win much more if we are ahead at the moment. I like a call on the turn to see if fireworks go off behind us. Calling one gives us the option to fold if it's 2 more bets back to us.
  11. If you suspected aces, you should fold preflop. Stacks aren't deep enough for pure set value.gg, I win.
  12. Capping the flop won't fold any draws out. Even on the turn raising won't fold anyone on a draw because the pot is now so big. Well played hand. This is AA or QQ very, very often. AQ sometimes.
  13. Looks fine, although the last time I was in a similar spot the massive overbet push was KK and gg me.
  14. This hand is a bloody abortion. Prediction: You made a retarded hero call and villain showed a busted straight draw with T9 or 75.
  15. Villain should call the river bet. Button (you) could easily be on a steal here with air after being checked to 3 times.
  16. Hands like AJ and KQ are troublesome because they are often dominated preflop by AK/AQ and are ~25% to win. Take a look at the spots where you are getting all in with AJ (either preflop or on an Axx board) and see if there would be better ways to play it.
  17. 6max LHE is way, way swingier than any NL cash games except perhaps heads up or 3 handed.
  18. This is a draw often enough to call down. Most villains will lead or check-raise an 8 on the flop.
  19. Granted I saw the results, but if we call against this guy on the flop it's because we think our hand is probably good. That offsuit 6 on the turn is pretty much a blank, so we can't fold when he continues with an all in turn bet.
  20. You are raising 86s on the button after someone limps? Sounds tilty to me...
  21. It's fine. Don't post results.
  22. That's not really how it works.Another kernel of wisdom: a full house made with a pocket pair is never the nuts. Think about it.
  23. And I guess I will have to say it...Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing 4c 9d Jhcards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EVJs Jd 947 95.66 43 4.34 0 0.00 0.9579s 9h 43 4.34 947 95.66 0 0.00 0.043
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