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  1. Probably still is +EV... Although having 8 or less hands per level would severely decrease any edge you might have.It's a double edged sword. This tourny is full of donks because the luck component is so high. But then the massive number of donks brings in a few good players chasing them
  2. $200 buyin with a structure that horrible? Barf. This is pure gambol.
  3. If he has something, you are pretty much always behind (unless he is doing this with 33-66).+Check-raising that super dry board in a tiny pot means he surely has something.=Fold
  4. I'll be in Vegas for the first half of June during the WSOP. Anyone know where I could find some decent middle limit LHE games? 5/10, 6/12, 8/16, 10/20?
  5. Definitely can't fold. I think if he has a set he pushes harder on the turn since you could be raising various 2 pair hands. He could have T5 or 95 here, but more likely he just has bare trips.A river check-raise is pretty strong after a bet and a call though, so I think I just call because if we pop it and are behind it will cost us 2 more bets than just calling.
  6. QQJ4ss is barely worth a call preflop as the SB in PLO8. If you are going to get into trouble by putting in lots of money on flops like K42, it is definitely a fold preflop.
  7. Flopping the nut straight is a lot easier to play
  8. You will get looked up here often with the nut or 2nd nut flush, while getting folds from worse flushes. Just check and see a free showdown.
  9. God no! Count how many of your straight "outs" are tainted by flush draws and redraws (ie, turn gives you the straight, river makes the flush).
  10. Sounds about right. I played about 10 tournies today and in no less than 2 of them did I push with junk in late position and run into a real hand.
  11. Snap call... Cry when his A9/QJ hits a pair and your AK whiffs.
  12. Agreed. I flat call river. That overbet raise pretty much means the nuts (ie, straight, maybe a set) or nothing. Pushing gets the former to call and the latter to fold. Neither of those outcomes is good.
  13. Shoooovel. In live tournies the structure is usually quite fast, meaning you won't have a lot of time to look for better spots to amass chips.
  14. 6 card Omaha discard... wwttttfffffroflYou guys should have just cut cards for dollars.
  15. Start shoveling money into the pot. He isn't scared of that 3rd heart with his turn bet, so raise it up.
  16. There's only a handful of books out there, and only a couple that are good. The good: Ciaffone's Omaha poker (very thin, but packed full of info, no filler at all), Hwang's book previously mentioned
  17. Don't do it dude... Treat it as a hobby for a few years and see how it goes. Chances are you will have days where you finish down 3, 4 or even 8 buyins ($200 each at 1-2 NL) and be very, very glad you didn't try to play for a living.
  18. This looks a lot like a flush hoping that you have the naked Ace of hearts or a set.
  19. 3-way out of position I just call the flop. Go for a check-raise on the turn. Obviously bet the river.Well played.
  20. I don't cold call the 3bet with this hand because our hand is dog doo against any other hand with an ace in it. It's even dog doo against KQJT.
  21. In a 7 player limped pot, this is the place to get away from a low set.
  22. Having the K and Q of spades hurts us, since it's one less xth nut flush for someone else to have. The best we can hope for is someone to call with a J or T high flush here.Usually I will just call again on the turn since we're only really getting called by sets or the nuts. If we raise this turn, I'm not putting more money in the pot at all (unless the SB makes another tiny bet).
  23. Hero's raise size is just right. Just about 4xBB. I probably fold.
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