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  1. I haven't been on these forums in ages, but this hand I just observed brought back some memories...--------------------------------------Starting Hand #30671935-207123maryc is the DealerShuffling Cardskitcarson1 Posted Small Blind $0.50kyndlyon Posted Big Blind $1.00Dealing Cards deantheking1 FoldsXantym FoldsRondor FoldsSFalco16 FoldsDrPerrier Folds123maryc Raised to $2.00kitcarson1 Calls $1.50 kyndlyon Calls $1.00 Dealing Flop (5h,Ad,5s)kitcarson1 Checks kyndlyon Checks 123maryc Bets $1.00kitcarson1 Calls $1.00 kyndlyon FoldsDealing Turn (9d)kitcarson1 Checks 123maryc Checks Dealing River (3c)kitcarson1 Folds and Shows 7h 7d123maryc Wins $7.10 from Pot 1--------------------------------------

  2. I signed up for Minted poker through my usual affiliate for something retarded like 50% rakeback. I logged in at peak North American times, and there were under 500 people logged in. Basically no games going at all. 50% of zero is still zero :club:

  3. I don't mind it. Enough draws missed and you've checked twice. Villains at this level won't be intentionally value betting a garbage 2 pair thinking you have an overpair. He's probably thinking you don't have much of anything and he can only win if he bluffs. I'd expect to see air/one pair hands a lot, 65xx with spades once in a while, little else.

  4. I play it the same. Calling out of position really isn't an option, as it turns our hand face up, gives him the initiative, and may even let him bluff us out with the same hand. A shove also makes him *maybe* fold a 2 pair hand.

  5. Hand #3 - Out of position I just raise the flop. A straight in Omaha isn't an absolute monster, though your straight is as good as they get, with higher nut straight potential if an 8 or 9 comes off. You've gotta be worried about the board pairing, as it could give you a losing hand, or nearly as bad, allow the opponent to fold a lower straight, or fold you out with a bluff.

  6. You played it fine IMO. A rundown with one gap in the middle is definitely playable. On the flop a pot sized raise would leave an akward stack size on the turn if any scare card (heart or paired board) hits. So when it blanks you have to go with it.

  7. Multitabling is fine. But if you keep withdrawing your winnings like that, you will go broke eventually. 35 buyins is a good bankroll, but even that carries a small risk of ruin. However, if your bankroll stays at 35 BIs forever, eventually you will be ruined. I believe it was Mason Malmuth (and/or Sklansky?) who discussed this in one of his books on gambling/other topics.The logic behind it is this. Let's say your bankroll of X and your winrate Y provides a 96% chance of not going broke (thus a 4% chance of going broke). This assumes that as you win, your bankroll grows and your chance of going broke with your new roll gets smaller and smaller. But, after winning some money, if you then reduce your bankroll back to X, you now have another 4% chance of going broke all over again as you start from the same amount.

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