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  1. This is gonna be carnage....I cant watch
  2. Ok now these guys are getting retarded with the 2 7 bit
  3. This is too ****ing funny....Mike KNEW he had 27..and Laak just had an orgasm
  4. Opie and Lobster Boy are the biggest hacks in the business...They ripped off Howard Sterns whole act...are too stupid to know HOW to do it, get fired for a stupid stunt, are forced to go to XM where they attempted to charge 1 dollar extra for their show....which no one paid for so they dropped that, then they spend 2 years bad mouthing Regular Radio and the first chance they get they sell out and go back....and the topper to their great career is that now they barely beat David Lee Roths horrid ratings from when he was at KROCK.But to their zombie fans....the dreaded ARMY...they are like gods.
  5. Especially since we (and the Russians) freed them.
  6. I think Pokerstars allows Money Order/Cashiers Check deposits....sucks cause I play my cash games at Tilt...i fu-king hate the cash games at Pokerstars
  7. So far looks like my only decent option is playing on Pokerstars (i play primarily cash games on Tilt) because they allow Money Order/Cashier Check deposits.Anyone else got any options for me...this whole thing is f-cked up
  8. This may be the last straw for me....I just went through this same damn thing a month or so ago....got a sh-tty 26 dollar token for my trouble....
  9. Damnit...Down was 7th out of 50 left in a 400,000 guarantee satellite....and had a 2-1 chip advantage in a PL omaha $50 dollar heads up SNG....These cocksuckers better give out some hefty restitution..
  10. My guess is folded when he knew he was beat
  11. How do you bold my quote, but miss the entire context of it.I said, hes not in the elite class (meaning Big Game status) but to say hes Terrible is silly....One more time, theres a huge middle ground between being the Best Cash Game Player and a Terrible one.
  12. Thanks for your post...This is EXACTLY the type of thing i was trying to touch on...Listing Rationalizations (numerically no less!!) while calling Hellmuth a "terrible" cash game player....Now granted, hes not considered the elite, but to call him terrible is just silly...you dont get as far as he has in poker, and be Terrible at anything in poker. People cant comprehend the huge middleground between Great at something and Terrible at something
  13. I love how people RIPPED Hellmuth for his few selected hands that were shown on just a couple episodes of HSP, but when its Daniel, every rationalization is used (and I agree with most of them, just that its not applied equally).Just shows how peoples alligances and biases color their thinking.
  14. I dont recall the table PAYING him to stay...or him losing 700k at one point like a player in Season 1 did.To say he is "the biggest cash game donk" off his appearance on High Stakes Poker is rather retarded, considering the great players who were on that show and became stuck. Just sounds like your hatred for him coloring your opinion.
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