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  1. I dont post much, but seriously ive listened to your "music" and i would rather throw a brick at myself then be forced to listen to ur "skillz"
  2. SweetDaddyFreak is not only charming and witty, but is great in bed
  3. i went on tilt as well yesterday, i lost my bankroll, but it only consisted of 287,000 play chips...
  4. props to you guys, these are getting funnier, though you cant beat the Dolphin F ucker!!
  5. Im bored, so ill be sweating you for a little bit, i do not have a buy in so i cant chat :cry: Best of Luck
  6. Wow its Saturday night and my only plans are watching WPT Borgata at 8pm, anyone else out there bored as hell? Tonight ALMOST makes me wish Ron Mexico lived next door
  7. OMFG STFU, theres a good site for you, its called neverwinpoker.com
  8. LOL, just saw Raymers PokerStars commercial, i think im the only one who found "Im the same guy, just the same guy, nicer watch" funny as hell, man i must be bored...
  9. man Raymer's a pimp though...but I think tonight Mark Seif has got them all beat...
  10. you all are laughing it up thinking this is just a game, just having a little fun eh? Well let me tell ive lived on the streets and for the past 2 years I have made love with a dolphin just to get by, you rich folks with your cars and televisions think you better than the rest of us, just cause i have sex with marine life does not mean your a better poker player than me!what the hell am i on these days?
  11. as bad as this sounds, Floridians dont fear Hurricanes like the rest of the nation does. It seems we have a built up tolerance to them. The East COast gets hit pretty hard but for those of us living on the West Coast, Hurricanes aren't as much of a worry (expect Charley). Thanks for the concren and Best of Luck to the East Coast in the upcoming days...
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