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  1. I think "highest low card" is more correct than "lowest high card" ;-). In the cases of ties, you keep looking at the next highest card.e.g. .................K 8 7 6 3 2 A vs. Q Q 7 5 4 3 2low hands:.....7 6 3 2 A.....vs.....7 5 4 3 2highest card:.......7.........................7next highest:.......6.........................5Thus, Q Q 7 5 4 3 2 has a better low handAlso, duplicate cards don't count. AAAA222 doesn't mean you have a better low than 56789TJ, the former doesn't even qualify. You need 5 different cards 8 or lower to qualify for a low hand.
  2. Actually, the reason why cards are burned has nothing to do with randomness. It's just so that cards don't get marked. In all honesty, the cards getting marked here is very unlikely, but that's what is usually meant by protecting integrity by burning a card first. (But I do agree with you about the randomness of the cards, and don't get me started on the retards who deal out all five cards face down immediately, and then say "oh man i forgot to burn" or "oh no, i forgot which cards were the flop cards!" and want to redeal )
  3. wow, one of the few tourneys where astros bubbles
  4. So would we play with donkeys instead of knights?
  5. Since he is a probability expert, he would probably view things in a slightly different light than a poker player.It's not really an issue of who's right, it comes down more to what it stands for; he probably uses that convention just to simplify some of his explanations.His end result is probably still the same (or close to, maybe with some added complexities) as the poker player's version.It's like saying "The number of coinflips I lose before I win one" vs. "The number of coinflips I run until I finally won my first one.If you lost 3 times and then won one, the first number would be 3 and t
  6. I was gonna say that too, but I had trouble finding the Reply button
  7. That's a pretty good order, though I might switch 2 and 3, since it would be confusing to hear "a full house, which is XXYYY, beats a flush, which is 5 cards of the same suit" w/o knowing the object of the game or how you get said 5 cards.
  8. 4,000 people? That would be scary, especially when the prize pool would then be $200 million. Even last year's ME [heck, this year's ME for that matter] doesn't even reach half that amount. That would be pretty sick, lol. If they do something like 20% of the prize pool, that would be $40 million for first place. Of course, too bad that neither would probably happen, lol
  9. A weaker conference doesn't mean every team is weak. It means that overall they are simply just not as good. I believe if you take a look at the list of teams that shows. An eastern road trip would be scary with Detroit, Miami, and the Nets, but a western road trip would be just as scary with any three of: Dallas, San Antonio, LA [sigh...Clippers ], Phoenix, heck, even teams like Memphis and Denver [when compared with the Nets, they can come out even depending on what part of the season you caught the Nets at].I never said that the east can't win championships. However, the list of contenders,
  10. This anti-"hero worship" thing is starting to take over too. It's like nobody is allowed an opinion that goes against someone speaking against DN, or the "Geez, nobody can go against DN" card gets dropped.Surely people are allowed an opinion in the free world and some people do feel that you came off a bit strong [but good that you seemed to have mellowed out ]. With the exception of the one "Hi, the jerk store called" it was quite [surprisingly, lol] civil. Are they not allowed this opinion?Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you disagree with them that's 100% fine with them [and wi
  11. Yes, it also says a ton about the difference between the Eastern and Western Conferences... 41-41 that year was good for making 5th seed in the East (and Miami was 4th with 42-40, which would not have been good for making the playoffs in the West). In the West? You'd make a happy 10th seed.Don't forget, in general the Eastern Conference has much fewer heavy-hitters. If we look at the bottom of the list, I'd much rather play teams like Toronto and Atlanta...Of course, that's not to discredit Wade; I love him as a player. Still, your method is flawed.
  12. I'm beginning to think I'm missing something here too.
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