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  1. Stars now has mail order brides for FPP's.1,000,000 FPP's and Supernova status gets you a Russian doll of your choice. Shipping extra, no refunds or exchanges.
  2. Taken from the "Ship it Holla Balla" blog:I recently returned from living like a balla at Atlantis with Apathy, Durr, Fireyjustice, and Shannon “TV” Star Shorr. One night as we finished up 8 tabling and drinking in the Atlantis lobby we headed out to a shark tank, with a drunk 16 year old and another 2+2er named Harry (sorry bro I forgot your 2+2 name). We have been doing ridiculous prop bets the whole trip and have had an ongoing offer to pay someone 5k (put up by Durrr) to jump into a tank of scary, fast sharks.(For those of you famalir with Alantais this is the shark tank that has the tube
  3. A very hilarious series of clips from the International Championship of Poker (youtube)http://youtube.com/watch?v=WqKGBLfu9iwThe final hand goes down like this: Tony limps in with KJhh and DevilFish Dave Ulliott pops him 250k more. Tony G immediately announces all-in and DevilFish calls.The flops comes Jack high and the turn brings DevilFish an open-ender. The river pairs his 9, but still loses the tournament.Here's my rough transcript of what takes place after (see the video if you're too lazy to read)TG: "you got a 9 at least.. [laughs]"DF: "what a surprise eh, the worst hand won"TG: "sorry
  4. Does Prima still offer rakeback on any of their sites? I can't find anything on it. I used to get around 50% a few months ago.Thanks.
  5. http://cardplayer.com/tournaments/event_list/781Misprint, still funny if you're as bored as me.Fri, Jan. 12100,000 Hold'em Event No 7Rebuy Status: No Rebuys$100,000 + $500 that is a misprint right?
  6. This image is titled "Hot Chicks" by Cardplayer. Bad joke or honest opinion? You be the judge.
  7. Anyone stayed at the Sands Regency? $29/night during the week, lol.Seems decent though, 820 rooms, 3*.
  8. After reading this article on the Bodog celebrity tournament, I didn't recognize 1 single name of a celebrity in the tournament. Seems like the Jamie Gold talent agency all shipping chips to him for the tournament he hosted, lol.===================================World Series of Poker champ Jamie Gold beat a litany of sports stars and celebs to take down the first BodogFIGHT "Celebrity" Poker Tournament in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada held Saturday.He was also the host of the event, which was held in conjunction with Bodog’s BodogFight: USA vs. Russia which was a pay-per-view event. G
  9. Heading to Reno for the first time this weekend, been to Vegas 3 times but never Reno. Staying at the very cheap Sands Regency. What are the best places to go, eat, drink, poker, strippers?Whats it like compared to Vegas and what should I expect.Lots of questions I know.- J
  10. Was out playing the 1/2nl at my local casino (River Rock, Vancouver) last night where around midnight there are always a few drunken baffoons. This one guy sitting 2 to my left is really drunk and drinking wine. The guy to his left was drinking scotch. So the really drunk guy finishes some other drink with a lime in it, and proceeds to drop his used (sucked on) lime into the other guys scotch which was half full . The other guy is like what the **** are you doing, thats my drink! The other guy apologizes, the guy is steaming and says "so at least youll buy me another though right?" drunk guy
  11. I msg'd the guy at his table and he's like" i dont have 2 accounts, we're at a poker club "wtf does that mean
  12. just about to play in the nightly $2500 guaranteed on prima ($15 with rebuy), 2 guys are registered named:BigSlickCC1BigSlickCC2Someone obviously doesn't know the rules and it trying to play two tourneys at once ala zeejustin.Can anyone think of any possible way this isnt collusion? lol
  13. 2 nights ago on Prima I took 2nd in the $2500 guaranteed $15 rebuys, with around 375 entries for $900, then tonight I just took down the $3 rebuys $1200 guaranteed for $640 (700 entries). Small stakes i know but doing well and damn proud of it!HOLLA BACK
  14. Rooms in vegas on the weekend are typically 2-3x more than during the week, any time of the year.
  15. Joe Pelton is donking it hard right now, blowing up from 2.9 million (double 2nd) down to 6th with just over 600k. First pays over 1 million and 6th pays 83k. Ala Dmitri Nobles, seems this guy never ever folds a hand. If he finishes in 6th this will no doubt be the biggest blowup ever for the WPT.Ow3nd.Steve Wong raises to $120,000 from the small blind and Joe Pelton moves all in from the big blind. Wong calls and shows AspadeKdiamond while Pelton turns over Aheart9heart. The board comes 10spade2club2diamond8spade3club and Steve Wong has doubled up to around $1,650,000 chips.Andreas Walnum r
  16. Anyone know the make/model of the sunglasses Shawn Sheikhan wore in High Stakes poker or in the NBC Heads up.?
  17. Ya ya the bad beat forum is down the street, this is pretty funny though.Just happened a few mins ago, guy open pushes at Level 1 with Q8PokerStars Game #6626650482: Tournament #33675061, $15+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2006/10/14 - 01:11:47 (ET)Table '33675061 1' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Balashark111 (1300 in chips) Seat 3: Augea (1480 in chips) Seat 4: pfunk55 (1480 in chips) Seat 5: davidva80086 (1470 in chips) Seat 6: kostanza65 (1260 in chips) Seat 7: IKAYA's (1420 in chips) Seat 8: sanderzzzz (3220 in chips) Seat 9: holmzee (1870 in chips) kostanza65: posts small bl
  18. on the party million qualifier, $3 r, im chipleader with 105k, average is 17k.
  19. going on tilt in limit poker is like going to jail in a women's prison.
  20. Looking to start a new account and start playing lots of SNG's online. Probably 3-4 tabling the $10-$20 buyins. Want not necessarily a signup bonus but more importantly rakeback. I know full tilt has the 27% with a good bonus that is not impossible to clear, the problem is, you cant get a bloody game going. Takes 5minutes to start one $10 sng in the middle of the day. Very very hard to 2 table, impossible to 3+ table which makes this site not feasable for me. I'm wondering if maybe Full Tilt is more cash game oriented and I have a better alternative for rakeback on an SNG friendly site? If not
  21. Hello all, This is a serious problem I have, no matter how much I wipe my *** I always seem to get skidmarks on my boxers. I don't crap my pants or anything but at the end of the day I always seem to get skidmarks. How do you guys do it? Or maybe I have a problem I should see a dr about. I don't eat the healthiest stuff and I occasionally love a spicy meal, but I don't know what to do.Help.
  22. those don't count towards it my friend, you have to earn em not win em!
  23. +1had me fooled for a minute, then i put my pants back on
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