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  1. Can you guys give your recommendations on which dvds and books you found the most helpful? I would appreciate your wisdom. Thanks.
  2. It's funny how many of you feel that DN is a lock no matter who he is up against. I love DN and his style, but I think that even he isn't so thick as to think that he has got a strangle-hold on poker. You need look no further than this years WSOP in 2004 he was Player of the Year. This year 2 cashes in how many tourneys 20 maybe? The cards wouldn't come, and no amount of skill is going to change the cards you are dealt. The best players simply know how to get the maximum amount of chips out of the good hands they are dealt. They are also able to limit their losses when the cards are not good,
  3. Mike is a loud mouth jerk who thinks he is soooooo tough. How in the hell can you root for a guy like that? I feel terrible that DN had such a rough go in WSOP that guy deserves everthing he wins. A true gentleman, did you see how he took the spotlight of himself and congratulated Humberto for being such a great player? CLASS that sums it up in a word. God help us if the "mouth" wins this thing.
  4. There has been alot of talk about the percentages of luck and skill needed to be successful, I don't think that luck is needed to win a tourney, as luck is needed to not get eliminated from the tourney. How many of you have had a high pocket pair against 3 lower cards on the flop, then have someone raise your continuation bet which forces you to commit most of your chips and then have them hit a river card to beat you. All the "tells" and knowledge of percentages can help for a while, but none of that can stop the deck from dropping runner, runner on you and knocking you out or crippling you
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