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  1. I agree, if you don't like it, why do you come?
  2. Nitro

    more chalk art

    That's pretty wild.
  3. I'm from PEI as well :-) I was recently in Halifax, about 2 weeks ago. We did make our way to the Sheraton Casino, unfortunatley all the hold'em tables were full, so I played the slots instead and lost 80 bucks, I need to stick to poker... go me.
  4. haha well im not positive but if your mother board isnt working can you take the harddrive out and get your info everything is saved there I was thinking that too and you're right. Depending on how the mobo got fried, he should be able to remove his HD with no problems and hook it up to his new laptop to get all his info. He mentioned the fan wouldn't turn off? if it was the fan on your processor, it probably stalled and overheated the heatsink, therefore cooking it, you're mobo would still be fine along with everything else.Now if it was the fan on your powersupply, it would naturally over
  5. I'm still at my table.. for unknown reasons.. it's not doing anything and my lobby window has disappeared... this some quality software!!!!
  6. omfg this site sucks.. what a waste of time.
  7. I gave up 10 mins ago. **** them homo's. they can stick their software up their ass.
  8. Yeah, this is ****ing lame. :evil:
  9. I can't even connect to the server.... :shock:
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