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  1. I'd be in if you lower the entry fee to 100$
  2. Daniel you could school me in poker but I could school you in Pool
  3. I play because I love the game. If I could afford to play 24/7 I would.
  4. 87 isn't bad considering the highest ever recorded was 151. I've only run about 60, but then again i'm an 8-ball player, not a snooker player. You ever play anymore in your free time?
  5. I hope the video blog continues as well, it gives you more insight into Daniels personality.
  6. I'd rather play live poker anyday.. I can't seem to win online at all.
  7. I love Omaha but if I had to choose, i'd choose Hold'em with little hesitation.
  8. Nice table indeed. I like the idea of a poker/cigar room as well, that would be nice.
  9. I like it so far. My only complaint is the chip stacks look kinda of off.8.5/10
  10. I'm rooting for them.
  11. I got busted by a straight on the river. woo! I forget who it was against though. :?
  12. Yeah I can't sign up either, it just takes me here:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker/tournaments/
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