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  1. Daniel's my top favorite because he indirectly got me into poker. A few years ago, I flipped on the TV and poker was on. Daniel was playing and he called out (I think it was) Freddy Deeb's hand and he was right. I couldn't believe how anyone could know that. From then on I started watching every poker show known to man. After that I started playing it and i've been rooting Daniel on ever since.

  2. After sleeping with a woman the woman made a confession, here is the conversation.Lady, "wow, that was great."Daniel, "eh, i've had better."Lady, "I have a confession to make though."Daniel, "oh yeah, what's that?"Lady, "I have gohnerria"Daniel, "That's what I thought you had."
    laugh.gifAhh that was good.
  3. Yeah, it should be interesting to see the turnout next year. Yeah you may have seen me around. I wasn't there this year, but I was there the last two years. You probably know some of my buddies from the island. Yeah a FCP night would be awesome. A lot of ppl from my league are into poker as well, so there'd probably be quite a few of us seeking a poker game lol

  4. Our league here is a team league but a lot of the guys go up early for the singles. One of our teams won the B this year which was nice. Usually we send about 9 teams up, but since they changed the dates to July a lot of us couldn't make it due to seasonal work. It will be nice next year when the Nationals are in April!

  5. how you came up with 151 is beyond realistic.
    I see. Well considering it's a proven fact that 155 is possible you should really revise your facts.From WikipediaAt least three breaks in excess of 147 have been recorded. A 149 by Tony Drago in West Norwood, UK in 1998 is recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest. In that match Drago was foul snookered and chose the brown as the free ball, to score one point. He then potted the brown again, for four more points, before potting 13 reds and 13 blacks, a red and a pink, a red and a blue, then all the colours. In October 2004, during qualifying for the UK Championship, Jamie Burnett achieved a 148 against Leo Fernandez, becoming the first player to achieve a break of more than 147 in a professional matchWally West was reported to have made a 151 break in the final of a club competition in Hounslow in 1976. Jamie Cope was reported to have made a break of 155 in a practice frame during 2005From The Guinness Book of World RecordsHighest Snooker BreakTony Drago (b. September 22, 1965) made a break of 149 in a witnessed practice frame at West Norwood, Greater London, on February 1, 1995. The break involved a free ball, which therefore created an “extra” red.From Snooker.org16 Red Ball ClearancesIn competitionThe highest snooker break is Wally West's 151. He made the break in the final of a club handicap at the Hounslow Lucania Club in 1976 against Derek "Butch" Rogers, in front of about 100 spectators. The qualified referee John Posner was in charge of the match. Wally won the first frame with the aid of a 104. In the second, Butch clipped the blue and left Wally snookered. Wally potted green as his free ball with a brown to follow. He then took 14 red and blacks and a pink off the last red. He then cleared up to make the 151. Jamie Burnett (Scotland) made a break of 148 on 16 October 2004, at the Prestatyn qualifiers for the Travis Perkins UK Championship. This was the first break over 147 in professional snooker. Burnett made the break in the 14th frame of his match against Leo Fernandez. He potted the brown as the extra red, then another brown followed by the 15 reds and all the colours. He made a blue on the first red, a pink on the last one and another pink on one of the other reds. The rest went with blacks. He went on to win the match 9-8.So yes, it is possible and obviously not unrealistic is it?
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