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  1. Looking like it's going to be a pretty good show.
  2. Daniel's my top favorite because he indirectly got me into poker. A few years ago, I flipped on the TV and poker was on. Daniel was playing and he called out (I think it was) Freddy Deeb's hand and he was right. I couldn't believe how anyone could know that. From then on I started watching every poker show known to man. After that I started playing it and i've been rooting Daniel on ever since.
  3. This sounds like it's going to be pretty good.
  4. Tough choice. I'd have to go with the 4 iron, cause im really bad at golf.
  5. Yeah, I would say he is the best.
  6. The WPT is what got me into online poker and poker in general... I just happened to catch an episode of season 2 one night and I was hooked. As for the lawsuit.. I have no opinion, because it really won't effect me either way.
  7. Labatts kicks ***. A few years ago, a buddy of mine scored a blue chip and won a Labatts poker table, which he gave to us.
  8. That would probably be my second choice. First is HSP.
  9. I have a jump cue as well. I can jump with a regular cue but it's 90 times easier to use a jumper.Haha yeah, I remember the guy with the ties but I don't think i've met any of them. Yeah a poker game is definatly a must for next year!
  10. Yeah, it should be interesting to see the turnout next year. Yeah you may have seen me around. I wasn't there this year, but I was there the last two years. You probably know some of my buddies from the island. Yeah a FCP night would be awesome. A lot of ppl from my league are into poker as well, so there'd probably be quite a few of us seeking a poker game lol
  11. Our league here is a team league but a lot of the guys go up early for the singles. One of our teams won the B this year which was nice. Usually we send about 9 teams up, but since they changed the dates to July a lot of us couldn't make it due to seasonal work. It will be nice next year when the Nationals are in April!
  12. Cliff's a nice guy too. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Karen Corr at the 8-Ball Nationals in Toronto two years ago. He was demonstrating the new Terminator jump cues. Pretty neat.
  13. Mines going slow too unfortunatly.
  14. I see. Well considering it's a proven fact that 155 is possible you should really revise your facts.From WikipediaAt least three breaks in excess of 147 have been recorded. A 149 by Tony Drago in West Norwood, UK in 1998 is recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest. In that match Drago was foul snookered and chose the brown as the free ball, to score one point. He then potted the brown again, for four more points, before potting 13 reds and 13 blacks, a red and a pink, a red and a blue, then all the colours. In October 2004, during qualifying for the UK Championship, Jamie Burnet
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