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  1. i really think he went to tribal thinking all 6 votes were going to parv...and if that were true, him surviving would be 100% dumb luck...not saying its true, just my opinion on what went down...i hope they address this in detail at the reunion show...
  2. it's like he bluffed the river with K high and got called by Q high :Plike ive said before tho, i love russell and think he one of the best survivors ever and i have mad respect for his game...but IMO, he survived that tribal council on 100% dumb luck.
  3. my guess is Jin...supposedly, Jacob has been watching all the candidates since their childhood...if it was Sun, I would think she would be refered to as "Paik"(sun's maiden name) in the light house instead of Kwon? who knows tho...
  4. so he has a 50% chance of being less than 20%(in his head)...do you really think he would give up the idol thinking he has less than a 10% chance on survival?
  5. 80+%??sorry bro, that would just be just delusional...how can you give an 80% chance, even if you know tyson hates parv...you also know tyson thinks parv is going home regardless if he changes his vote or not...
  6. the "100%" benefits your side of the debate :)so, forget the 100%...after talking to tyson, what percentage would you give on tyson changing his vote?
  7. mercury, vb and anyone else...im curious to hear your responses as well
  8. i have 2 questions for you...1)lets say it was you instead if russell in the game, and you were 100% convinced that tyson believed you when you told him you were voting parv...what kind of percentage would you give on tyson changing his vote? (remember, you know they are spliting the votes and you know tyson has no need or no reason to change his vote)2)lets say russell was 100% convinced tyson believed he was voting parv...what kind of percentage do you think russell gave himself on tyson changing his vote?( russell knows they are splitting the vote abd russell knows tyson has no reason or no
  9. how can you be so confident?its like there is no doubt in your mind that russell gave up the idol and risked going home on not just a long shot, but a coinflip to be a long shot...im not saying its impossible, just very very very unlikely.
  10. agree to disagree i guess...i hope you guys are right tho.
  11. lets look at this from russell's prespective expecting a split vote..."ill talk to tyson and act like im voting parvati and hopefully he will change his vote even tho he still would have no reason or need to change his vote...its a longshot but it might work...oh, and hopefully tyson's actually assigned to vote for me and not for parvati, gotta win the coinflip...so, ill give the idol to parvati even tho i need to win a coin flip to be a longshot or im going home"i just dont see this happening, i really think russell went in thinking that parv is getting all the votes...like i said i hope im w
  12. ok, i just rewatched the episode online, and am now CONVINCED he went to tribal thinking pavrati was getting all the votes...the 3 way tie had crossed his mind but he really thought all the votes were going to parvati... if that play was russell's hail mary desperate attempt at making something happen, he wouldve told parv and danielle this is what i hope happens...after all the votes, parvati and danielle had a dumbfounded look on their face, abd daniell actually said "what just happened"15:45Rob talking to jerri coach sandra tyson: "were voting parvati everybody, but we have to make sure th
  13. i just watched it a few hours ago so its pretty fresh for me still, and i dont remember him mentioning that at all...maybe i missed it, i would double check but i deleted it from my tivo.
  14. i think Russell thought they were all voting for Parvati, there was a convo he was having with somebody where he says something like "i know theyre just trying to flush the idol out by acting like theyre gonna vote for me, i have no problem giving Parvati the idol"i dont see anyway he would give up the idol if he knew they were splitting votes....I truly hope i end up being wrong cuz that would truly be the SICKEST(sorry looshle) play pulled off in survivor history.
  15. I just watched the last 2 episodes...and all i've got to say is Russell has a gigantic horse shoe stuck up his ass...You guys gave him waaaaay too much credit for last week.Don't get me wrong, I love watching him and I think he is one of the best survivors in history...I was crushed when those little bithces didn't give him the million he deserved last season, I almost swore off the show forever...I'm rooting for Russell(Pay that man his money) this season along with Colby(he's always been one of my favs) and Jerry(I have her in the pool)That being said, it is mind bogling how lucky he got...
  16. heh, hes probably still haunted till this day by that decision he made :Phe has the perfect balance of social skills, physical strength, common sense, smarts and balls...i like his chances as long ad he doesent get unlucky.
  17. omg i cant belive i forgot about the draft... :(at least colby went early, it wouldve been worse if he was still available...:Pcongrats to fig...i dont see how colbys not winning this.
  18. Vikings>SaintsJets>ColtsVikings>JetsFavreageddon is upon us.
  19. So,The Minnesota "Falling Appart" Vikings just MAN-HANDLED the Dallas "Your Fav to Win the NFC" Cowboys...Still feeling like a "savant"?
  20. eww, i hope not...the nfc is pretty weak this year and its starting to look more and more like a viking/saints nfc championship game...home field is going to be huge...if those 2 teams end up meeting inthe nfc championship game, i really think the team playing at home is going to win...i really wouldnt be suprised if both the saints and colts lost this week...saints have been flirting with danger this past month and they are playing a good team, and the colts have a division game on the road against a descent team...
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