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  1. rumors swirling all over the net that chillys gonna get fired soon...i think they will go the other way with Favre!has there ever been a player/head coach in the NFL before?
  2. vikings just waived moss...lolll..wow, im ****ing stunned...wow wow wowthis team is setting all kinds of records for headlines/drama in one season by any team in NFL history...
  3. fracture or no fracture i still think the vikings sweep the bears tho...i'll give you even money on that 200$ that vikings sweep the bears this season...this is a "BigD Special" prop bet that i'm only offering to you, so take advantage of it!even money with an injured banged up favre or TJ...youre honestly getting great value here.
  4. heh, not after finding out Favre's ankle has 2 fractures...i'm lucky Cane didn't go for the 500...
  5. im fully trustworthy but i understand your point of view...100 its is, i will pay on full tilt also...just respond to this post to make it official.
  6. give me an amount youre good with...500?less?more?its all good for me, ill leave it up to you...
  7. lol wsox, that was pretty good...gotta give credit where credit is due
  8. ill bet on the vikings winning the division, ill even take even money even tho i can get odds on any sportsbook...even money from you>+200 from any sportsbook
  9. lebrons elbow will mysteriously start acting up 2 days before the heat get bounced from the 2nd round...nice try tho
  10. vikings still sweeping the pitiful bears, nice try tho
  11. vikings still winning the division...nice try tho
  12. that has nothing to do with the point i was making about him limping around, nice try tho
  13. did i say he didnt suck last night? i was just responding to SA21's comment on how favre only limps when he messes up....nice try tho
  14. he was also limping around when he was celebrating the game winning TD that was taken back...nice try tho
  15. oh, and i said the vikes wouldnt go 3-0 or 0-3...i was dead either way...not like i made the wrong choice.
  16. what's dead is any chance your pitiful bears go better than 8-8...that game was hard to watch, they just stink.
  17. Sterger has been refusing to cooperate with the NFL and now she's hired a crimanal defense attorney that specializes in extortion...what do you guys think this means?Is she scared she's going to get sued?Or she's planning to ask Favre for money and taking precautionary actions?If he does get suspended, I don't think it will be more than 2 games...and if that happens, I'm hoping it will be week 8 and week 9 (@ NE, vs Ari)Suspension won't really have an effect on the season record if it plays out like that because even with Favre, the Vikings are "suppose" to lose @ NE, and the Vikings with TJ s
  18. gotta love the miami heat fan base http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont...?urn=nba-276911
  19. good points, plus GB is extremely banged up...
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