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  1. if i had known we wouldnt have our 1st 3 recievers vs the bears i never wouldve said that
  2. also, i said you guys would go 3-5 at best in your last 8 so you can save your "sick read" comments for later...even at 7-3 i still think you guys won't do better than 8-8
  3. only a bears fan would get excited about beating a team thats starting their 3rd string QB, lol
  4. I wasn't trying to tear the guy down, I was just suprised when I heard him say that.
  5. Did Bosh really say "he(coach Spo) wants to work, we want to chill, we gotta meet half way" on national television?
  6. Here's the latest:UPDATE: ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter emailed in with a report on the Sidney Rice injury situation:"Despite speculation that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice might not be able play this season due to his hip injury, his agent Drew Rosenhaus believes the opposite. 'I'm hopeful he will be healthy enough to play this week,' Rosenhaus texted today. 'We've never given any consideration to him not playing this season.' The Vikings must activate Rice by next Wednesday, Nov. 24, or he will not be eligible to play this season."So much for the speculation that he would inte
  7. Heh, pretty easy to stop AP when our top 3 WR's are out of the game and Favre has a bunch of scrubs (that you guys don't need to worry about) to throw to. :)But don't worry, we'll get you guys back in Minny in a few weeks...If you want, I'll give you even money on that 200$ you just won off me...The 6-3 Packers are 3 point favs over the Vikes in Minny this week, so, if the game was this week, it's safe to assume the books would have the 6-3 Bears as 1-3 point favs vs the Vikings even tho the game is in Minny, so you're probably getting the best of it at even money.Let me know.
  8. THE SEASON IS NOT OVER!I was bummed out on Sunday...I did not expect to lose to the pitiful Bears. A few days have gone by and I am happy to report that I am back to my delusional self! 10-6 wins this divison...The Packers still have to play @ATL, @NE, @DET, the Giants and the 49ers at home.If the Vikings win out, the Packers would need to lose 2 of those games listed...very possible. (They also play @MIN which will be a loss if the Vikings win out.)I went thru every possible tie-breaking scenario if both the Packers and the Vikings finish 10-6 and the Vikings have tie-breakers in every sing
  9. all this win means is that you guys will now go 2-5 at best
  10. Bears remaining schedule:vs Vikings@ Dolphinsvs Eagles@ Lionsvs Patriots@ Vikingsvs Jets@ PackersBears will be LUCKY if they can go 3-5 with that brutal schedule.0-8, 1-7 or 2-6 far more likely than 3-5 imo...
  11. It was only a matter of time:http://crunksports.com/?p=125
  12. 98-0? ya, my fav part was LO's reaction to cousins when cousins was getting all dramatic on the bench...there was a lot of talking between LO and the king's bench during free throws, i wish i knew what they were saying...
  13. moss still not waived...chilly still not fired.its starting to look like the owner has to decide between one or the other...i honestly dont care which way it goes. (even tho i should want chilly to go and moss to stay)
  14. thx for the offer but i think ill pass...youre probably right about it being a free 40$...but ive put so much money on the vikings winning the SB that the 40$ looks like .40 cents to me right now :Pplus as bad as everything is, im not giving up! (call me delusional)
  15. ok, now he's not waived...lmao...the plot thickens...what a circus!Glazer: Moss not waived yet, still not informed of movePosted by Mike Florio on November 1, 2010 4:57 PM ET One of the strangest stories of the year is about to get stranger.Jay Glazer of FOX reports that, although coach Brad Childress has informed the team that Moss has been waived, the move has not yet officially occurred -- and Moss (as we reported earlier) still has not been informed of the move.And here's the part where we speculate on what may really be happening.It looks like Childress has acted on his own, presumably af
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