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  1. wow. INFINATE?!!?!? Is that somehow better than infinite?(extra points for misspelling the bold/capped/colored word)
  2. Lol.I guess general would have been better. I didnt ask for advice nor was I whining. I dont ever post in general. I do all of my posting in this particular forum. Thats why I posted it here. Im sorry that the holy trinity of "Nothing better to do than whine like a 13 year old that just got on the rag" (Smash, Actuary, and DDiDM) didnt like it. Im sorry. Now that Ive been flamed by all 3 of you in a single thread, I truly realize i must be doing something right with my life. =)
  3. Yea, cuz i knew before hand what his cards were, so I knew he was going to call. I forgot to take off my tin foil hat when I played this hand.Hey, Stupid.You posted a bad beat, in a strategy forum. Strategy forums are for giving advice and discussing hands. Now why do you think it is that you didn't get the response you wanted or expected?Hi. Please show me where I said it was a bad beat. If you can't, please end yourself.Love,The person that did not, in fact, say it was a bad beat.
  4. First, if you thought I wanted advice, did you not read the little tag line "I DONT NEED ADVICE", or were you just tryin to jump in on the 'im a **** head' parade? I dont want sympathy. I just thought it was humorous. I don't cry over poker. I get angry over bad beats. Im sorry that you get so worked up over my posting this, though. Feel free to delete it. =)"If you are looking for sympathy and not analysis, this is the wrong forum. I'm not trying to be rude, or be on a high horse at all. You played it wrong just like the rest of us have played hands wrong 1000000 times before. Not a bi
  5. If you really care about my feelings on slow playing, there's a post here somewhere where Im totally against it. I had quads. Im sorry. I don't remember saying this was a bad beat. I dont remember saying OMG WHAT DID I DO WRONG. All I did was say I felt a little sick.I dont think I get my money back if i get in as a 98% favorite, do I? Its like. Get off your high ****in horses. I didnt ask for advice and I most certainly didnt say it was a bad beat. Jesus.
  6. How is he right? The guy called a $7 reraise to hit his straight. If the money goes in on the turn, the hand still ends the same way. Jesus. Im an advocate for never slow playing, but i could only lose to a ONE OUTTER, and the money would have gone in either way.
  7. Yeah, smash, cuz he had the nut flush but was going to fold. THe hand plays out the same either way.You're a ******.Good luck.ps - and by ******, i mean, of course, that if you were half as good at poker as you wanted everyone to believe, you'd be off playing, instead of trying to berate each and every person on the forum everytime they post a hand - asking for advice or not. Im sorry that you feel the need to try to make yourself feel better than everyone else, but I half attribute that to you being from boston, and the other half to you being a waste of oxygen. Either way, you can have th
  8. $100NL kaedin: 3s 3d Pre-flop: (removed random calls and folds) Villain calls. hero calls. ActionJunkie7 raises to $3.5. rookie_fish folds. Villain calls. Flop (board: Th 3c 2h): $14 ActionJunkie7 checks. Villain bets $1. Hero raises to $8. ActionJunkie7 folds. Villain calls. Turn (board: Th 3c 2h 3h): $30 Villain checks. Hero checksRiver (board: Th 3c 2h 3h 4h): $30 Villain bets $30.00. Hero goes all-in for $62. Villain calls. Showdown: Hero shows 3s
  9. He is the dark lord of the poker table (DARBLE) and JC was the student, but now he is the master. The evil plot as been revealed, but it is too late, we will all perish at JCs hands.
  10. I still dont know what BTN can beat here. Therefore, I dont like the way he played it. I prefer to just get it all in on the flop if I'm button. I know you're aggressive and what not, but Im not sure what you're betting here if it doesnt beat 86. A missed draw? I dunno.
  11. So not as much discussion as I wanted, but here are some of the keys that I think the person with JT (it wasnt me, omg, this is a trend in the NL forums) needed to understand.1) It was an unraised pot, I think he allowed himself to get committed/convinced it was a tie on the turn.2) Understand your hand. JT on a board of AJJ77 is nothing but a bluff catcher. Its one of those situations where you have the 4th nuts, but cant really beat anything but a 7 or a bluff. When this is the case, refer to #1, its an unraised pot, your money and the villains money is the only money in the pot3) Don'
  12. the low sooted connectors have a lot more potential than small pocket pairs, too. 45 can get monster flops where you're not "ahead" but you're mathematically ahead. Now, I like connectors and gap connectors between 4 and 9 (no, not like 59os, but 46, 56, 79, etc..), but there is credence for playing something like 23, 34, 24. Those wheel cards can lead to huge paydays if your opponent has atleast one ace and you hit your wheel draw. But, as David pointed out, you're sort of hindered by the fact that its restricted buy in. Still, in low stakes NLHE online ($25-$100NL), I think its profita
  13. A/I = allen iverson. artificial intelligence. anal injection. arrousing images. or all in and im lazy:(
  14. not only villains game, but villains cards. If villain has a flush on the turn, then betting the turn probably gets max value. Villain could also be a moron with A6 or A5. (AJ is a possilibity, too, i guess, but you'd think he'd take the lead at some point)
  15. Yea, on UB people think you have to bet pot when you have a hand. You know what? I don't care. I bet almost the same amount whether i have a hand or don't. So if they think im weak, I encourage them to come over the top. Maybe I have nothing. Maybe I have a monster... if I have a monster, they're getting stacked, and if I have nothing, I didnt BET THE POT and donkey off extra money just because im a lazy monkey
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