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  1. I've had similar issue playing MTTs online. I'll work very hard to get deep into a tournament, finally build up a large chip stack, then start thinking that I can't loose and open up way too much. The problem I see is that players at this stage in the game have a pretty good idea of how you are playing and the range of cards you are going in with and are waiting for you to make a mistake so they can double up through you. It's sort of like having blinders on when you are the chip leader, whereas if you are one of the lower stacks you are paying closer attention to what the rest of the table
  2. I've definitely gone on tilt and let me just say I never win when that happens, well maybe a hand here or there, but not if I'm trying to work deeper into a tournament. Best thing to do is step back from the screen, count to 10 and take a look at where you are on the table you are playing. Chances are you will see players in worse position that you, so you can at least say, "glad I'm not that guy", then get back to playing the way you know you need to play to win.
  3. Amazing as it is to say, there appear to be three MLB teams now with the way the Phillies are spending. Can't wait for baseball to get started.
  4. It sounds like you need to be playing a little higher stakes the $10 games and under will feature a lot of donk action. Even so, you should be loosing on the premium hands more than you are winning. Maybe it's just a perception that you loose more than you win on those, it just mathematically doesn't seem possible unless you were a really poor player after the flop. That's not meant to be a dig, just saying that's really the only way your could potentially be a looser more than 50% of the time with these hands. I think new players tend to misplay these hands in one of 2 ways. Either 1, th
  5. I can recommend FullTilt. They have several freerolls every day and pretty soft players (at the freeroll level anyway). You should also be able to find a game any time of day or night.
  6. Great place to play. The action is good and the interface is head and shoulders above the rest. It's hard for me to play at other sites with lame interfaces now.
  7. Odd post for sure. The cards at Full Tilt are the same random cards you get anywhere else. For me the pace of action is perfect. I like to take a second or two to think about what move to make. It also helps to see an opponent take less or more time to make a decision.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty aware of that. I went to SIU too. All the bars on the strip closed at 1:30. Could always hit Diamonds (or whatever it's called now) for a late night though. My point was...depending on where people are playing, the bars would be closing at a different time for where you are playing. (ie: if you are on the west coast, the drunks might start rolling in a few hours earlier than if you are on the east coast).Go Salukis!
  9. Seems to be the later the more drunks, and obviously on weekend nights. Something about getting home from the bars or a party and wanting to do something before going to bed. I've seen them pretty late on FullTilt, like 2-3 am, so guessing that's about when the bars let out in their area.
  10. Interested to know what type of chip mix is needed to handle live real money games. This assumes a single table for up to 10 people, and games ranging from 1/2 up to 50/100. From talking to people in the industry I've pretty much gotten the idea that the following denominations are all that is needed, but am wondering how many for each denomination:$1$5$25$100
  11. Some fair points being made. What about the more experienced people who play cash games at casinos. Do they use denominations? I'm told from someone in the industry that they do use denominations for cash games.
  12. Taking an informal poll to see if the money game (not tournament style) players out there prefer to have denominations on their poker chips or not.
  13. Pokerroom is a good site to play at. The lower limits are rather easy pickings, and yeah, I've noticed a number of bad beats, but probably because there are so many chasers on the lower limits.
  14. Full Tilt is good. They have a great interface. You might want to check out Pokerroom and Bodog as well.
  15. Every poker room has it's differences, wether that's how the players are (tighter or looser) and with the interface. FullTilt has a great interface, Party and Bodog are both full of fish. Depends on what you are looking for. Stars and UB tend to be much tougher competition overall.
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