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  1. Really Hellmuth? You are kidding, right?
  2. Matt, I don't see how you could have done too much different. The only thing I could suggest would have been a bigger preflop bet, and you could have definitely justified an all in bet post flop. However, in smaller games such as this, if your opponent was determined to see the turn and river with nothing more than a pair of 4's, you were sunk. Just as in limit games, if it doesn't hurt, they're going to stay, and if they draw out, they draw out. Good luck in the future.
  3. Excellent suggestion. Rumor has it that something like this may be in the works, but I don't know how accurate the rumors may be....
  4. That should have read, "feel excluded," not "fell excluded." My poor typing....lol.
  5. lol, this comes from someone with 70 posts ...hoooooolllly shit!!! the big 7-0.and to the OP.there's nothing wrong with your post. just try not to direct too many of them to DN. odds are he wont answer, and it makes all the other forum members jealous that they are being excluded, so they flame.Thanks. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. However, I was merely posting a response to something I'd read in one of DN's posts. The "reflective" question at the end of my post was merely posed to stimulate response--from anyone, actually. I have no way of knowing what Daniel sees on thi
  6. I have to chuckle. You are obviously a master of the understatment. Of course you don't have to check my posts to see I'm a "newbie" on this forum. It says so right under my name. However, what brings the real chuckle is someone whose life is so small, all he or she can do for enjoyment is attempt to denigrate others. I've been playing poker since 1967. You?
  7. DN, I don't know if you're that familiar with Harrah's, as a whole, but what they've done to the '06 WSOP Schedule is typical of the corporate mindset. Every time they've taken over another property (whether a hotel/casino or, in this case, the WSOP), overall, the "property" has gone downhill.Sometimes, it's the "little" things that a lot of people don't notice. A simple example is the quality of the food service at the Rio. The seafood buffet they have there--prior to Harrah's--used to be one of, if not the, very best. Since Harrah's takeover, it's little, if any, better than the Surf Buf
  8. Guess I'm missing something on the 12:30 post. Why did DN lose the hand? If he had Ad Qd, and the flop came all diamonds, seems like the nut flush to me.... How could he lose to JJ?
  9. From my days in late high school and college, many, many years ago, I was left with the apparently mistaken idea that Socrates was a very wise and learned man. He's a twit, obviously!Take your mind off it until it's time to play. Good luck. :wink:
  10. This is poker jason. Good call/bad call? It's simple. If it's a good call, he won. If it's a bad call, he lost. Next hand. :wink:
  11. I prefer the 20 chip stack shuffle.And stack 'em 20 high in the "triangle"--5 stacks at the bottom (nearest me), then 4, 3, and so on. Should the triangle finish, I begin a 6th stack on the bottom row, and on up.Wow, it's 12:49 am here in Vegas, and since I'm actually answering this, it MUST be past my bedtime......
  12. This isn't crack induced, it's obviously LSD. Get your drugs straight.And, to Loismustdie: If this sucker is making burritos at the local shop, please tell me which one it is. I don't want to wind up there by accident...
  13. The best post on here is the simplest. Tip when you win.
  14. UltimateBet is a good site for this, and you should definitely order SSHE. Good luck. :wink:
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