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  1. I'm only going by the fact I haven't had a month in the red since December of 2004....
  2. I've followed this thread since the first post and feel its about time I put in my two cents.For a good year and a half, i've played .25/.50 LHE and LO8 almost exclusively for two key reasons - 1) My bankroll was small when I started out (only $100) and 2) I felt it would be a good limit to learn and would be playing a high enough limit that some people would be trying and not just gambling. After about 30,000 hands of LHE and 20,000 hands of LO8 at or around .25/.50 limit, I made 4 BB/hr. on LHE and 5.7 BB/hr. at LO8. I pretty much attribute this winrate to the fact that I was getting pai
  3. I used to think it was a good idea to play any two suited cards on the button for four bets in hopes of catching a miracle and winning a monster pot.It only worked once, and boy was my mom ticked :shock:
  4. You guys are a creative bunch...can you give me something I can do to solve this problem?Ok, so last time I played a home game with my friends from college, one of the players (we'll call him player A) took issue with another players' (player B) preflop raising - especially when it was in player A's blind. He got very vocal and mad whenever his blind was raised. Can you guys give me some tactful ways to tell player A that raising is part of the game, and to read some books to handle it in a game situation? Or, do you think I shouldn't be tactful and tell him to grow a sac and place some
  5. Stupid marriage laws in this world...hope my wife doesn't divorce me. It'd be tough giving 50% of my income away.
  6. I have read about the outcomes on cardplayer.com, and am eager to watch these events on TV. Anybody have an idea?
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