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    Dear Nikki

    long time luker but I gotta come out of my shell due to the extremely horrible advice that has been given to mark 999When you meet a girl at a bar/nightclub.. general rule of thumb is to call/text her within 24 hours before she forgets why she gave you her number in the first place2x in one day wreaks of desperation.If she doesn't answer the first time leave a short and simple message.. Hi this is mark 999 call me back.try again the next day.. 2 calls is all they should get from youIf you really want to try and salvage this.. here is what you do.. do not call her tommrrow.. send her a txt
  2. i never post but im drunkrepresent the chi town...hi!
  3. not sure what the structure is but the buy in is only 65 no rebuys. was just thinking it would be a fun thing to do on a sunday. That would be awsome if we could get an all fcp final table. Id be down for next sunday the 11th
  4. 1/2 nl at mejestic is the best game around town.used to play alot of 5/10 limit at resorts till I figured out how sweet the 1/2 nl at mejestic isI will probably be there on sundaygoodluckEdit: We should do a fcp live barrage for the sunday noon tournament at mejestic one of these days
  5. just one.. he can make everyone else's chips at the table disappear
  6. i used to only play lhe cash games but recently ive started playing no limit alot. there seems to be alot less skillfull people at the no limit tables
  7. just got back from vegas and stayed at the monty carloit has a decent poker roomthe play was very tight.. they are running a freeroll tournament in march for players who have played over 40 hours. almost every player at my table was there just trying to get their 40 hours in and playing extremely tight. dude on my right played a total of 2 hands in 3 hours in which he raised big preflop.i too got suckered into the big wheel of fortune game
  8. a final table with daniel mike matusow clownie gowen michael mizrachi scott fischman and joseph hachem would be very entertainingEdit: didnt see there were still 100 players left i was just looking at the top 30
  9. we da bears!http://www.bighitbuda.com/bears/We%20Da%20Bears.mp3
  10. Da bears!bring on the jets.. i think this is going to be their hardest game of the season. the jets are gonna be fired up after beating the patriots and the patriots are starting to crumble. not that betting the patriots is gonna be easy but i think the jets game is gonna be harder to win
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