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  1. I have just started looking for a new monitor as well, but on a budget. I knew this forum would have enough monitor knowledge to help.Am replacing the dell monitor that came with my comp 7 years ago.Would also like to be able to four table without overlap. Poker is the most graphics intensive thing I ever really do.What are anyone's thoughts on one of these:http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/cat...?CatId=172&or can someone recommend something similar but better? My current monitor is starting to crap out and I need something to last until I can afford an all new desktop.Thanks for y
  2. A stag and doe (in some parts known as a buck and doe) party is sort of like a charity fundraiser party for a bride and groom before they get married. Friends and family of both are invited. Generally there are various games (not necessarily gambling) that are played and cost some amount of money to play. There are prizes which usually involve free drink tickets or something like that. There are often raffles for prizes and very often a blackjack table where the main purpose is to make money for the couple, hence the ties to the house rule (pretty standard).There is usually some kind of foo
  3. Whenever I've played the way the house really makes money is to have the rule that all ties go to the house (instead of being a push). This is an enormous advantage and will guarantee the house makes money if the game is played for the duration of the stag +doe.It's often easier and faster to pay blackjacks at 2:1, but this is an advantage to the players (still more than offset by the ties rule).Definitely set a betting limit, i.e. $1-$5.I wouldn't bother getting a card shuffler, but you know your shuffling skills better.Also, I hope your chips are secure enough to use in the blackjack game.
  4. Chiptalk.net forum to talk about poker chips.Also BW occasionally, and PSO forums.Mike
  5. I just read this whole thread. You know what a really dumb way to end a thread is? "Have a nice day"That's all I have to add at this time. Thank you.
  6. Perhaps, and this is just a thought - using the example of an arm growing back wasn't the best one for a skeptic to comprehend/believe. Has anyone read the beginning of both SuperSystems? Where Doyle tells of the miracle healing of his daughter? I know he is as gullible a rube as they come, but he seems to believe in healing.
  7. I'm gonna go with Ken Shamrock.Or the Big Show, but only if he was in the character of Captain Insano from the Waterboy. Captain Insano shows no mercy.
  8. I think North America would be a safer place if everyone was allowed to carry a concealed handgun.
  9. Q9 suited spades is mine. First hand I ever flopped a straight flush with, got it paid off by the A high flush when the turn was a spade too.It was only 1/2 limit so i think I got like 40 bucks.I'll open raise with it from anywhere, but never cold call with it. In position i sometimes 3 bet.On a related note, I hit a nice hand with the suited Krablar today (board Qx33A) and it felt good. A blind steal attempt gone right.Mike
  10. If you want good chips for a cheap price get faux clays.Like .06 each at discountcasinogear.com.They don't look pretty but fantastic feel and durability - best value in poker chips, bar none.Mikep.s. go to chiptalk.net for in depth chip discussion.
  11. Can I be old school? If it weren't for this site and Smasharoo I might still be playing according to Play Poker like the Pros by Hellmuth.Is there anyone older school than me with less posts? That's gotta count for something.Mike
  12. 2 plus 2 equals 4. That's fact and requires no faith. You need faith to believe in JC. It's totally different. I believe in the existence of God but am not a fan of organized religion. Whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic or whatever religion to choose to be in, as long as you are a good person, that's all that matters.I think it's actually quite similar, actually.If I teach my four year old that 2+2=4, he will be able to repeat that, but without any real comprehension of addition. He believes it because he believes in me and trusts me, by faith, if you will. (actua
  13. Not true. He can simply be spiritual and thats it. He can believe in god without being part of a belief system. You dont have to be part of a group to believe what they do.Very true. I guess I sort of read" not a follower of a belief system" as not a believer in God.Thanks all for the reading comprehension assistance.I guess, then, I would fit in the same category, since I don't consider myself religious, or a follower of "a belief system", but a follower of Jesus Christ.Someone earlier made the point that 2+2=4. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not, it remains true. Well, much the
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