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  1. Why does Daniel only give immediate updates when he advances a day? The only way I know he is knocked out is from the lack of updates...
  2. If one day as a middle school math teacher I can earn over $250,000 a year, I will gladly pay the extra 4% in taxes that Obama is proposing. No problem.
  3. I wonder why Daniel did not reraise with AK in position in the hand that he went out on. If he did, the 7 7 guy would have surely folded and Daniel would have still been playing. ANy thoughts?
  4. been over an hour without an update.....
  5. This may be the funniest thing that I have read all day. Lol...
  6. did you make the bet with him or with friends and for how much, if you dont mind my asking....
  7. By do it do you mean win the event or give us a darn update???
  8. I say zero rebuys based ont he fact that he has yet to show up....
  9. wow, very helpful. what buy-in is most common? do you remember starting chips and levels? thanks so much.
  10. Does anyone have any information about actual satelittes for the preliminary events for WSOP $1500 events. I know that Full Tilt has bracelet races online, but I am more referring to at the Rio in June. I know they have satelittes for the main event but do they have them for lammers for smaller events? How do they work?
  11. actually it would be -EV as the odds are 176,000,000 to 1. If you take the lump sum, after taxes, it would be about $150,000,000. Even though it is -EV, it aint a bad prize.
  12. what time / channel is HSP on?
  13. I would have liked more Scotty N. and less of the random guy. i agree that it was creative and fun, but the actual interview lasted too long. i will take it though over nothing.
  14. well done. the best part of the post was learning that foxwoods changed their starting chips. i stopped playing tournies there last year when they took out two levels of the tourney as it became a crap shoot immediately. congrats on the great run.
  15. Greetings,I enjoy playing pot limit Omaha High Low Tournies online and do faily well. I wanted to improve my game with possibility of playing in the WSOP Pot limit Omaha H/L event this year.My question is if anyone know of any good books / resources on pot limit H/L tournamnet play. I cannot seem to find anything and am unsure if it exists.I thank you for your help.
  16. the real question is why is your girl friend playing for you? should she not have gotten you? and, who takes a shower in between rounds?
  17. Thank you for your response and I hope you know that this is not an attack in any way. I have noticed this in previous tournies, not just the Borgata. You seem to often go out in the last ten minutes of Day 1. Best of luck in the rest of 2007.
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