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  1. Yeah seen the thread before come stain
  2. how big is football in the states then guys? think its good that you can watch some quality games on Fox by the sounds of things!Do you get to watch any of the Premiership at all?
  3. Champions league final 1998/1999 best final ever? Good final but there will never be another cup final like this years champions league. Best come back in European Cup final- ever. Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end watching that game
  4. Best European Final of all time- LFC 3-0 down at half time against possibly the best defence in the world and come back to win!! Always remeber where i was when We equalised- in the pub- drunk! :-)
  5. JARV

    poker pro cage fight

    Dont think anyone has said Barry G. yet? C'mon guys hes one scary looking mother fudger. I wouldnt want to be stuck in a cage with him- he's freaky.......
  6. think he was joking people cant live without FCP!
  7. JARV

    poker pro cage fight

    I think if DN was was pushed around a bit his animal side would come out and reek havoc! :twisted:
  8. Who do you think would win in a fight to the death cage match out off all the Pros?
  9. you forgot to kiss him goodbyeshut up
  10. dunno mate- could be an american thing :-)
  11. ok then.......................... thanks for that insightful and intriguing post
  12. your a total waste of my effort. cant believe how much of a **** you are
  13. thought in to these? You must have been dreaming up this post all night- WOW- il start a post about a mans sexuality- TWAT
  14. did your mum fasten the safety helmet too tight this morning or what?
  15. What is the point of this post? Why are you obssessing over another man's sexuality? You wana know if he wants to hook up? jeez. anyway what if he is gay(which is cleary is not)- who the **** cares?Twat
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