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  1. Never gonna give you up--Rick Astley
  2. Does DEv~ know anything?
  3. Maybe it's because I'm a donk, but with around 11 outs and a chance to eliminate a decent sized stack I call. Villain would still have around 20 BB and while not a force, not crippled either. IMHO. Granted he probably never should have been in the hand, but it's too late for that now.
  4. Playing in my first live tournament Sunday. The structure etc. follows. From what I've seen on FCP I'm guessing that the structure is less than ideal. Any advice other than TP/MM?Thanks2. Entries are limited to the first 99 participants.3. Players seated in a live game (a game raked by the house) two hours prior to the start of thetournament will have first opportunity to purchase a seat for a $50.00 buy-in, a $5.00 entry fee, and a$5.00 dealer tip.4. If entries are still available one hour prior to the start of the tournament, all other interested playerscan purchase a seat for a $50.00 bu
  5. Do you know a good one?
  6. If it was would you love me?
  7. With so many to choose from, why should we care if our thread suits you?
  8. WAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSUUUUPPP?(Sorry, That was lame, but I had to do it.)
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