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  1. thanks for all the support guys, i should have mentioned this right off the bat but im using my roommates FCP account, as he told me that its good luck (apparently i ditched the doomswitch curse?), and we are going nuts at our place right now... with support like this, even late at night, i can tell why this is the place to post, definately will be creating my own FCP account after some sleep:) thanks again and gl to you all
  2. hope i can pick up some hands here. thanks for all the support guys. lol @ the rail "do you think it might really be mike?"
  3. weeeeei haven't stood at the comp since the first one..too afraid the horseshoe will fall out of my ass...
  4. gotta love playing a million chip pot with AA thanks for the rail support guys i hope this comes together here!
  5. 13/37 now66>AK aipfweeeeee one time i want to do this
  6. hey guys i rarely post but could use some rail support asap. currently 30/41 screen name is chkrazethedevilthanks!
  7. I'm with zach on this one, any baby 6 is likely going to c/r to isolate here, if it were heads up i think it broadens the range to some gutterball or over combinations, i'm going to just call the raise on the flop and give up on the river in a hand like this...Although it is definately read based as already stated...
  8. Long time Lurker...first of many in the LHE strat section...Playing a late night session at 8/16 at my local cardroom. This is halfway through three rounds of straddles as agreed by the table (needless to say action wasnt short at all in the game)..UTG staddles to 16, UTG+1 calls two bets, Hero is UTG+2 with QJss calls two bets, MP1 raises to 3 bets, SB folds, BB 4 bets, Straddle caps at 5 bets (cardroom rule is 5 bet cap in MN), UTG+1 and hero in UTG+2 and MP 1 call....4 handed to the flopPot 25 sbFlop 5c 9h Ts Flop action: BB bets, Straddle hand raises to 2 bets, hero calls, MP player folds,
  9. Hey guys,I'm heading out to vegas for a few days and looking to find some great limit hold em cash games, preferrably in the 10/20 and 15/30 stake ranges. The catch here is that the buddy I am going to meet up with will only play 2/5-5/10 NL cash games. Anyone have a few places that would be best to check out and can let me know where the best games ft. "easy money" would be at? thanks alot
  10. Got the quackers to hold up in a big pot...up to about 100k
  11. Sitting with about 78k right now...big hand came up...I raise mp 3x BB with 88...2nd biggest stack calls. Flop:A K T I make a weak continuation bet, he flat calls. turn:8 ball....DING!!!we got it all in on the river when another A hits, he had AQ.Currently 7th...anyone else in?j
  12. Im at ~26,000 at third break, picked up aces in a blind confrontation AA>77. Just kinda picking my spots for now.gl to you zim and anyone else left in. go fcpaces_full1333334
  13. 8200 at the 2nd break...looking to pick a few spots here
  14. 4700 at first breaknothing really to note thus far. picked up a bunch of chips with nut flush vs. KK and got paid the whole wayGl 2nd hour
  15. Im in, last person into the 50+5 sate.Aces_full133334good luck guys...
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