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  1. DN is out.Maybe that means he'll do some commentating tomorrow I hope.
  2. 1st – £516,0002nd – £327,0003rd – £241,0004th – £189,0005th – £137,5006th – £103,0007th – £86,0008th – £59,0009th – £51,000according to the blog from pokerstars
  3. That is Liebert. Although one wonders if she knows she even has a mic? Hasnt said boo, and DN has had to carry the conversation.
  4. Juanda showed. he wasnt restealing by the looks of it. AQ maybe? he only showed them to Daniel. (or to that side of the table)
  5. Blinds are going up at end of this level? No freakin' way??!?!?!Nice commentating... :/Sigh at the Paris Hilton joke. this is awful
  6. Daniel not doing the colour, its the snoozefest McEvoy doing it. :/
  7. daniel now out. 2 outed in that tt>aa, then 3 outed, q9>aq (call an all in with q9? huh?)
  8. what a cooler flop though. top set vs bottom two.youngest ever..
  9. She raises 60k (blinds 10/20 I believe), sb calls, John reraises to 245k, then she instantly repushes all in for almost a million more.So not quite the openpush, but still, with 60k invested to do that?
  10. Some are saying AP is rigged? How about Annette being rigged?What a luckbox
  11. Gotta love the $3 profit on the bottom of the payscale. wtf is up with that?
  12. Annette repushed all in with 33, got called by QQ, QQ flops a set (as usual on TV table). QQ actually wins by making a flush thoughLittle latter, Annetts 55 vs AJ, first card out is a 5 (wtf? set!), and doubles up.
  13. someone should calculate the # of sets on the TV table the past couple days.. seems theres been a ton of them. Annette turns a set to knock out the AK who flopped a K
  14. kk vs qqqxxxkalthough kk had a diamond draw after the turn.I think the internet is shuffling for this table!
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