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  1. Time to parlay some of those extra picks to move up? Deep enough draft to stock pile with the picks we have?
  2. Nice run. They just dug too deep of a hole for themselves.
  3. Agreed. He's been a revelation for the club.
  4. We could have sung a duet. A drunken, mono-syllabic, off key duet; but a duet non-the-less. Stafford - Ennis - Foligno haven't hurt either.17 goals, 21 assists, +32 in the last 9 games.30 different players have scored a goal for the team this year too.
  5. Eastern Conference standings on February 18th....EASTERN DIV GP W L OT P ROW GF GA DIFF HOME AWAY S/O L10 STREAK1 * - NY RANGERS ATL 56 37 14 5 79 - 159 110 +49 18-7-2 19-7-3 - 7-2-1 LOST 12 * - BOSTON NE 56 35 19 2 72 - 191 129 +62 18-10-2 17-9-0 - 4-6-0 LOST 13 * - FLORIDA SE 57 27 19 11 65 - 146 154 -8 14-7-7 13-12-4 - 5-4-1 LOST 24 PHILADELPHIA ATL 57 32 18 7 71 - 192 166 +26 14-9-5 18-9-2 - 4-4-2 WON 15 NEW JERSEY ATL 57 33 20 4 70 - 163 155 +8 16-10-3 17-10-1 - 7-1-2 WON 26 PITTSBURGH ATL 57 32 20 5 69 - 178 147 +31 17-8-2 15-12-3 - 6-3-1 LOST 17 OTTAWA NE 60 30 22 8
  6. He missed practice Tuesday and might not be behind the bench for Wednesday's game. Kinda hard to bark out instructions with broken ribs I guess. If he can't James Patrick will take his place until he can get back.I would guess he would be upstairs watching and possibly head down to the locker room between periods? Sound right?Vanek is still out too. These tickets sounded great when I bought them at the beginning of the year.
  7. That video should be submitted to hotchickswithdouchebags.com
  8. In the beginning of the season, when they were winning games in spite of themselves, I kept saying, "Wait until these guys figure out how to play with each other." Then all of the injuries started piling up (I know, all teams go through injuries but 9 {I think} at one point is ridiculous), Miller turned into a sieve, Vanek and Pominville were the only players doing anything offensively, Myers became a pylon, etc etc etc...Now I'm on the same page as serge here. They also need to drop some dead weight before next season (before trade deadline?). Roy, Hecht, Gaustad, Kaleta, Boyes need to fin
  9. Yeah, I guess I went a bit far with the "man up" thing. Big, fast, tough game....it just seems hitting the way he did was an "easier" way to hit him.I remember an old school hip check where the hitter sticks his big rump into the player...sometimes to a nice cartwheel effect. Looked like he was winding up this way then turned his back to absorb the hit with a larger part of his body.Kind of like a defensive back in football "rolling" down to a ball carriers legs rather than form tackling with the shoulder into the body/wrapping up the legs.
  10. I never played, I was never taught how to make a check, so I could be way off here, but who in the hell turns their back to make a hit? Be a man*, lower your shoulder into his chest, and light up his world. *I know, easy for me to say.....
  11. I didn't get to see the game. What did you think of the line change to put Roy up with Vanek and Pominville? I really don't think I want Roy with Vanek but it seemed to spark the line and it worked so who am I to argue.
  12. Miller out indefinitely with concussion
  13. Apparently the league is looking at it.http://wgr550.com/NHL-looking-at-Lucic-suspension/11451896 (<-- just a clip of the hit for anyone that may have missed it)I have a slightly different view on this. I don't think it was as bad as it looked at full speed. If you look at the view from behind the net after Miller shoots the puck to the boards he throws his elbow into Lucic. In his post game interview Miller calls Lucic gutless because he outweighs Miller by "50 pounds". Then why make the contact any worse than it's going to be?Did Lucic make any attempt to avoid hitting him? Of cour
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