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  1. wow, all of 11 of us signed up with 6 minutes to go
  2. Daniel, "made the whole thing up randomly" ? why would you assume this ?These two were joined at the hip all through this farce, even though on opposite teams.It was pretty easy to see that they had knowledge of the daughter coming back for the final which allowed them to strategise, something Annie never had the chance to do with Brandi.In the real world it would have been called insider trading and they could/would have been fired, just ask Martha Stewart.What gets me is that Trump and NBC actually think the viewers are stupid enough to not see through this, even when they have film backing
  3. Guess Harrahs has figured out what most of us dont do (at least regulary) make money.http://my.pokernews.com/LoneRhino/this-jus...lace-at-wso.htm
  4. I cant vote but know who I would vote for if I could, but it's not important, I do love how everybody gets so bitchy when it comes to who is best, then no matter who gets in it all goes to hell anyway. That said try this, this link will take you to the KIRO radio web site, scroll down and take the super tuesday quiz, this is possibly the most accurate of all I have seen so far this election period (its a sad state but true)http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=2
  5. McDermott sponsors Internet gambling tax legislationBy The Associated PressWASHINGTON — Congressman Jim McDermott says a tax on Internet gambling could generate $8 billion to $42 billion in revenue in its first 10 years.The figures come from an analysis prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers that McDermott provided to all members of Congress.The Seattle Democrat introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act.McDermott says attempts to ban Internet gambling have been ineffective and his approach would protect consumers and subject the revenue to taxation.If I could vote, that i
  6. I go all in UTG for 5600 and get two callers, A on the flop, turns out I was called by QQ and A6.I can understand the QQ but A ****in 6 give me a damn break. good luck to anyone lef tyou are going to need it
  7. pocket 6 preflop raise to 2400, chip leader on the table calls, flop comes 8 high. I bet 2400 and he folds, now at 9800I am at table 1035
  8. all I have to do now is dodge all the "all in" idiots
  9. Guy on my left never showed up and big stack to my right raises preflop everytime the no show is in the blinds, LORD just once give me something to nail him with .....PLEASE
  10. I am in, nothing to report really except I forgot I was in and missed the first 30 minutes, 3150
  11. I got stuck at work today so did not even try to qualify. Last week I played it for the first time and made the money, although not by much, once you get past the second break it pretty much becomes an all in fest.A generous offer to stake 5 people but I gotta ask, "if you think you are good enough to cash why would you be willing to give up half that for just $10" ?Now if you are a complete donkey its a real good deal, except for the guy paying your entry.
  12. Thats all she wrote, pushed all in with AJ got called by AQ.Dealer: hwy9 finished the tournament in 2201st place
  13. 13758, just looking for any half decent hand to push with
  14. During current Hold'em session you were dealt 112 hands and saw flop: - 2 out of 13 times while in big blind (15%) - 4 out of 13 times while in small blind (30%) - 9 out of 86 times in other positions (10%) - a total of 15 out of 112 (13%) Pots won at showdown - 5 of 8 (62%) Pots won without showdown - 8
  15. I am in, first time for this one, and in the money although only 15608 in chips
  16. Good for $3,617 If you want to read the hand details then check out my blog.Damn, its been a long long time since I could post a brag!
  17. First time I played the Neg-o it was on stars, and I won it. Now you guys are coming back I could not be happier. However I am going to miss my FCP screen name, wonder if I can make a deal on stars to change it.
  18. wow, the 25 regular players on the site are going to have to do an awfull lot of rebuys
  19. So with nothing better to do I decided to watch the show last night, and I will not be watching it again.I dont beleive in coincidence where TV is involved but you would have to if you believe what went on last night.So, Rob gets a poker lesson from DN, its about how to get max value when you flop the nuts, Dn was explaining how you are holding a pocket pair and you flop quads, check it down says DN, let them catch up then trap em on the turn or river. Seems pretty basic poker 101.Then that very night (maybe the next night) Rob goes to play some poker, and he gets pocket 2's, he flops quads (I
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