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  1. So the converter won't tell the whole story. This is a satellite tournament for 210 FPPs on pokerstars. The top 6 players get 11 $T, and we are down to 7 players. MP2 has been sitting out the entire final table, and half the players at the table (including MP1) have agreed to check around the next 4 hands, and MP2 will be eliminated by then. If by some reason this doesn't work, no worries because the button also has 500 chips.. and the blinds are 400/800.The two people involved in the hand were the chipleader and the player who was 2nd in chips respectively. All they had to do was sit and
  2. Omaha Hi/Lo (Real Money):1001 hands played and saw flop: - 49 times out of 133 while in small blind (37%) - 98 times out of 130 while in big blind (75%) - 158 times out of 738 in other positions (21%) - a total of 305 times out of 1001 (30%) Pots won at showdown - 63 out of 86 (73%) Pots won without showdown - 66Randomly requested stats, and turns out I have played 1000 hands already.Any glaring mistakes, other than the fact that I drastically overplay my blinds?
  3. I don't lead flop, I check raise a continuation bet from the raiser.Unfortunately that didn't happen.I like the turn bet, the river is a shove to me.
  4. Ok then:Given the fictional call and the results:C/R. Given his preflop raise, I put him on AK-AT most of the time, 88-AA some of the time.
  5. I disagree. This is a heads up omaha tournament. In a ring game, yes a reraise with such weak aces is poor, but heads up you must pot preflop.Pot and fold to a raise on the flop.
  6. You very likely have the best hand now, and you have a very strong redraw which negates 1/4 of the straight outs. You played it perfectly.
  7. Your line seems good.I like 1/2 pot on both streets, calling any raise. (Unless a 3 comes. )
  8. Question: What line do you take if you're the higher flush (let's say nut flush for simplicity) and want to extract the most value out of this hand from lower flopped flushes? Assume same positions (nut flush has position).Call 3 bet on flop, raise turn? (assume a blank turn)
  9. Given the call and the fictional results:C/R. Given his preflop raise, I put him on AK-AT most of the time, 88-AA some of the time.
  10. The real question is.. do you call his $45 bet on the river?
  11. I call here based on your image. If you raise, your image could have a large affect on what your opponent's view is on your range (does that make sense?), and this makes it hard for you to play.This is the same post flop, but you'll have more information then.
  12. You have position here. I likely make a smallish raise, without seeming weak. This allows you to check behind if a bad card comes and he checks, fold behind if a bad card comes and he bets large, or value bet (or even check behind based on confidence and reads) if a good card comes.Or fold if he comes over the top.
  13. I call down, given your previous experience. What's her range? Two pair? AsQ? Set? Higher flush? Putting in the 6th bet on the flop... Damn.I still call down. Worst case scenario, you have 1 out.
  14. What? Are you serious?No.Suit's don't determine who wins the pot, ever. The only thing that suit is used for is determining who brings it in.Also, in tournaments, suit is often used to determine deal before play begins.
  15. Holy ****. I can't believe he had KK. Results aside, how stupid would he have looked if you had AA?
  16. When I first read the hand I thought the exact same thing, ha.I think this is a case of a pro thinking everyone is afraid of him and pushing the table around?I really don't think K7s is ahead of the all in enough to try to push out the remaining player, this is limit is it really worth it to try to win that extra bet? I don't think that's profitable, nor do I think that's the reason he was doing it.
  17. Read the whole thread, don't really have anything to add.I call here.Results?
  18. What? Why in gods name would he show you the K if he had KK. I laugh at him and push.
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