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  1. Nice to hear it...some places still pay attention to the little guy, and hope your word of mouth will bring them some extra business.
  2. If you have seperate rooms you could go #2 in a shoebox and put it under one of your buddies beds: then the next day, accuse him of having smelly feet.Then when you pack up to go home, show everyone the box, and challenge them to top it next year.
  3. Thanks for the rail, all.Went out 2nd on K-3-2 flop with bottom two against top and bottom.
  4. Playing in tourney # 11678504$5 + $0.50 Omaha pot limit tourney.Sitting 8/9, but still have some room as blinds aren't outrageous yet.I would appreciate a good word from anyone who is intersted: screen name is Hardrocker.
  5. Trying to qualify for the Full Tilt HORSE FTOPS tourney.Currently 4/7: top 2 get seats, top 5 paid.Full Tilt #11618092
  6. I would definitely be interested in playing in an event or two, depending on how I am sitting at work.Does anyone know what the blind structures will be like for the events? I would hate to buy into a $500 event, only get 500 TC, and have the blinds start at 25/50.If I do not see a response to this I will call down there and find out.I only live like 2-1/2 hours from Council Bluffs, and would be willing to meet up for a drink or 6 with some fellow FCP'ers. I will check back to see how many people might attend.
  7. That could make for some interesting TV, IMHO!!!!!
  8. Bah, didn't get regged, as we had family game night.Frigging kids anyway.
  9. This sounds like one that I could do. I should be playing tonight.Screen name: HardrockerI will check back later.
  10. Heed this advice well. The fact that pots get open with a pop to $12 means you have to be willing to gamble a little, or you need to play double-tight/double aggressive with your premium hands.Make sure you can stomach a bad beat, as many pots will be multi-way pots, so premium hands don't hold up as often.And make sure you don't limit yourself to one buy-in per session, as going through $200 can happen, even if you are playing uber tight. Don't be afraid to leave a table if you lose a couple big hands and need to recoup: some people like to pick on the person who they think they can put on
  11. Too late.$26 invested, over $1K out, not that bad.
  12. full tilt $25,000 guarfinal table8/8 but hoping to move uy\p
  13. I would have been mad if I were him.If I had a 2-1 chip lead, got all the money in bad, and managed to suck out with two pair, I would be mad that you had chips left.Maybe you had the 2-1 chip lead? Or did you not have all the chips in?
  14. This deeply saddens me, as I have been making a decent part-time living from this site.I had about $2k in my account there, and believe I will get it: jetset had one of the best customer service reputations in the industry.Another sad note in the current situation.
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