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  1. You sir, are mastered. Thanks.GO GSMITH!
  2. Does anyone have a link to that stream?
  3. That seems to happen to me almost nightly, they'll go on a break and thereafter I can't view it again...I wonder what the cause could be...
  4. Does anyone else have a link besides the pkr link that's working right now?Thx
  5. Gotta go with Laak... because he's so Kung Fu (theCircuit ref.)..and because hes dating Jennifer Tit.. i mean Tilly
  6. 3,2 soooted... because they're sooted....
  7. Recently I've been pondering a question after following DN and DC's HU play. Clearly DN is getting the best of it in these HU matches and is ahead way more often than not. At what point, when playing someone heads up, is it acceptable to quit playing while ahead (ie. considered good etiquette)? Do you look at total time played, or average time ahead or something else? Any thoughts are appreciatedThx
  8. Ne one know how long they played tonight?Seemed like DN just up and left w/o a word...
  9. Anyone have a guess about howmany hands they've played?
  10. DN 134DC 13Looks like the 12th round KO is fast approaching!
  11. Wow, the smack talk is thick! Wonder if the banter would be the same in a live game? Its entertaining nonetheless! "pwned son, pwned" - An Instant Classic
  12. Dunno how computer oriented you are but if you get a new (different) ip address the server will let you d/l other parts. Try going to start -> run -> cmd. Then ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew . If you have a router goto the admin screen and try releasing and renewing. Good luck, worked for me
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