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  1. mark quit stealing my ideas and typing faster than me.
  2. obviously your not c/f the turn 80% of the time, but if an 8 or heart peels and he pots it ($15?) you might be folding. if he slows down and give you a chance to play for a small pot you goto showdown.
  3. not to be a dick but...a million straight draws? he limped utg and called a reraise with 67/23/36? so lets leave all of those cards out of the question with the slim possibility of him playing 6h7h this way(too many idiots read SS.) and we're agreeing on paying off a set here? ok. so what your worried about is that you let him free roll to hearts? well 9/10ths of these .10/.25 morons will bet the turn if they miss, and i love for j10 or jq to bet the turn here as well to try to protect, so YES I'LL GAMBLE and see if a heart peals off to check-push on the turn. in the long run your getting
  4. just call his raise and go for the check raise on the turn if you feel like setting a trap. if you are worried that your beat there's really not a great way to find out on the flop b/c re-raising him would commit your stack. the main thing you wanna concern yourself here is his position, he's utg, so what cards would he likely limp with and call your reraise? there's only one other player in the hand who is a short stack($10) so by betting $6 he's obviously ready to call the extra $4 if the guy pushes so he's committed 1/4th of his stack. also you didn't tell us if he's playing tag/lag/etc
  5. mark,you might wanna take a couple days off especially since your running like that. good luck.steal
  6. jc sporting the french jersey and a lacoste hat, who knew?also that girl is bangin hot...
  7. nosup been reading this thread for a while and it is always interesting to see the crazy *** swings you take. how much are you up overall from your initial $500(to date)
  8. maybe a sw on the troll part, but the fact he's hanging from the toilets nuts, no sw.
  9. giving people free looks and trying to trap when your that short stacked? RETARDED. trying to play smallball in that situation? RETARDED. also it wasn't a 1 outer. go hang off the toilets balls somewhere else you troll.
  10. i bet he's pretty glad he didn't lead on that flop with top pair, nice check on the turn as well...playing a marginal hand like a6 he either knows he's good preflop or plans to steal. imo he played the hand horribly and deserved the bad beat.
  11. depending on the specifics your looking at about a 4-5k minimum. the problem is not writing the math algorithms or api(used for reading information from windows and application exchange), its writing the api for 20 different sites. this would be way too time consuming for a software developer to do cheap. if i contracted this out it would be around 5k and you could pick 4 sites to be supported. if your serious pm me.
  12. evelyn has an alien head and her body just looks out of whack. they are both ugly.
  13. What I really would like is that watch:http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/spri...8948_I1630_1401with the band from this watch:http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/spri...7372_J6AJ0_1064**** just getting the band from that watch, that black watch is parkin lot pimping. i hate you mark because i actually might waste $1700 on this thing after clicking that link. thanks bud.
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