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  1. Portugal is my pick to win it all, they do tend to start slowly in tournaments but unlike Spain they usually play better the deeper they go. I think England is going to suffer a bad letdown early, and I would pick Ivory Coast to be the dark horse as they beat out the African Champions Egypt and Cameroon to qualify.Still it will be fun to watch.

  2. Haha, seriously, Who liked Steve Moore. The guy played half a season for colorado, career minor leaguer, no personality, and handled the whole situation with NO CLASS. Even some of his teammates disliked him for the way things were dealt with. Not saying Bertuzzi did nothing wrong, far from it, and am HUGE Vancouver fan, but still.Total Membership of Steve Moore fan club = 1
    Steve Moore never got to be a career minor leaguer because of the broken neck thing, but you're right Moore should have been a lot more pleasent about his broken neck. Poor Bert.
  3. Crosby is better than Ovechkin at the game of HOCKEY.Ovechkin is better than Crosby at scoring goals, and has higher "wow" factor.Crosby plays a complete game. There are reasons he has less goals than Ovechkin, and it's not because he can't score. He passes. He also plays defensively, and he can read the ice like no one since Gretzky and Lemieux.Crosby is amazing. Everybody in the hockey world focuses on goals WAY too much in this Calder race, not to mention the fact that Crosby is only 4 or 5 points behind Oveckin, with 20 games to go, it wouldn't be hard to catch him.- Zach
    I disagree about Crosby being the best at reading the ice since Gretzky, the best player at reading the ice and make amazing passes in the last 3-4 years has been Forsberg. Crosby does have the abilty to find the open player but it's not nearly as developed as Forsbergs.
  4. No ID for me either. Just use neteller.The software does suck though. It's a total memory hog and the ugliest thing i've ever seen. RoyalVegas is the worst that I've seen though. But I don't like any of them really.
    Well damn it, 1 month and 13 days until I get neteller....Atleast the memory isnt a problem for me, 1 gig of corsair pc3200. I just want to play prima because I can get 35% rakeback.
    They will start you off with 10 bucks free too.
  5. No I.D required to withdraw money. I like playing on Royal, there are a lot of fish on the site and there usually seems to be good game selection and a variety of options for short handed sit and go's and turbo tables. There are also usually 4 freerolls a day, and they have a decent referal program.Best of luck to you on this site....

  6. Royal is a really fun site to play on. There are a ton of fish, mostly from Sweden and they have Turbo tables which forces people to act in under 7 seconds, which for people with ADD like me is fun. They have a good selection of sit and go tourneys and heads up tournaments. They also offer 3-4 decent freerolls a day. The interface is not great, the customer service is above average too. Good luck...

  7. bertuzzi made a mistake he served his time and now he should be set free. Mr Moore was a coward also IMO for not dropping the gloves with Bertuzzi. he sure had balls when he took a shot at naslund but he lost them when he couldnt take a free shot at someones head. the Colorado coach was a censored moron. he knew Mr Moore was a target but he put him out anyway just to get his teams spirit up. Mr Moore didnt want to be out and the Colorado coach sent him out anyway. im not defending bertuzzi but im pointing out that the whole situation was caused by an acumulation of factors from both players and their teams.It's a pity you didn't watch the whole game then. Steve Moore had already gotten into a fight earlier in the game and had held his own. If Naslund wanted to settle things with a fight I'm sure Moore would have been willing to oblige. Bertuzzi fighting Moore would be the equivalent of Daniel Sedin fighting Adam Foote. Still in your opinion it was Moore's and the Avs coaching staff's fault. That's so sad.By the way how does Moore know to drop his gloves and fight when Bertuzzi comes from behind?

  8. Royal Vegas is very loose, the Swedish players love to bluff in the Mico NL ring tables. They also offer turbo tables and many shorthanded tables, which suites my game. I'm even on Party Poker, and up a little on Greedy Hog Poker.All the times I've played on UB I've gotten killed.

  9. i was reading in the local paper today that bertuzzi is maybe going to have to sit out 10-20 more games. what a joke. he served his time let him play.
    So you feel that hitting someone from behind and breaking their neck and perhaps ending their career should only be puinshed by about 30 games? What Bert did was cowardly and his actions brought the sport of hockey the wrong kind of attention. I don't think he should be punished for a whole year or anything, but sitting out another 10 games (in addition to missing the end of last season and the playoffs) would be appropriate in this case. In a a long season like the NHL has 10 games is not harsh in my opinion.
  10. Yes, a class act like Mike is good for the game of poker.
    Is anyone else tired of the comment "good for poker"?I'm sick of know-nothing pansies who've played on the internet for 2 years and gone to a card room 5 times in their lives complaing about "what's good for poker".Matusow is good for poker. He's entertaining. He's brash. The American population like that. They don't want to watch a bunch of nice polite people playing cards.If anything he increases the popularity of poker.
    I don't take issue with people being entertaining or brash, what bothers me is loud, rude, irritating and obnoxious. By the way was it the cutoff for being allowed to talk about what's good for poker? How many times do you to go to a card room to be an expert on that? I know I'm not there yet but I would like to have something to shoot for.
  11. Yes, a class act like Mike is good for the game of poker.
    Actually, a guy like Mike would attract more people to poker and thus increase overall fish population.
    I think amateurs (underdogs) winning the WSOP attract more fish, Mike would just attract more people like him. I think we have enough loud mouths, don't you?
    no. the only thing more enjoyable at the poker table than winning is seeing the loudmouth lose. i love loudmouths at my table...they're generally the ones giving me their money because they try to play big to back up their words, but they can't play for shit.
    I do agree, watching loudmouths lose is somehow theraputic....
  12. Yes, a class act like Mike is good for the game of poker.
    Actually, a guy like Mike would attract more people to poker and thus increase overall fish population.
    I think amateurs (underdogs) winning the WSOP attract more fish, Mike would just attract more people like him. I think we have enough loud mouths, don't you?
  13. I have to give a shout out for all the wasted ass poker players in Colorado! Highest percentage of population of drinkers age 21-35 in the nation! Woo hoo! dead money everywhere!  Sorry, but what the hell else do I have to cheer about in Colorado? the biggest casino game is a 3-6. Sucks.J in Colo
    There is a lot to cheer for in Colorado:BroncosThe Avs (usually)Nuggets Great SkiingGreat hiking and mountain biking trails in the RockiesGreat weatherDecent cost of living...andA huge amount of microbrews to choose from....... ..................................If you think Colorado is bad try Kansas or Nebraska on for size...
  14. i have had enough. Listen he does not have to defend himself but he is not playing well.THat is all i said. Last year when recors were broken and he was doing well there were no complaints. This year he is a sore loser. SOrry but this is an opion forum.
    I think Daniel is being a sore loser.Kind of like Elway was a sore loser and Jordan etc.I can understand hating to lose and getting frustrated, I don't understand people who lose and smile and laugh about it. Daniel doesn't have to accept or enjoy losing.
  15. I had it hidden well at my dads.. then I brought it to my mom's house and put it in my drawer. I'm not a violent person at all' date=' but if I had a camera and I knew the person' date=' I'd put them in the hospital.[/quote'']Maybe if you hadn't been such an bastard child all those years, your parents might still love you and might still be married.Then this wouldn't have happened.[/[/b]quote][/b]Finally some genuine sympathy.... :shock:
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