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  1. Can someone please tell me why you need to have made a real money deposit for the charter member FREEROLL? I thought Freeroll meant free. I normally dont post a lot but Isn't this how it should be instead of having to put in money to play a freeroll? I play freerolls on other sites for fun while playing ring games or waiting for a tournament and you don't need to deposit on those sites first. I just think that's messed up.[/code]
  2. I was just wondering why my FCP site only shows me the play tables and not the real money tables? The tournaments section shows me both real and play money but not the ring games section. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. i'm drunk tonight,,,,,jager bombs are the best,,,,i'd be playing online except i have no money online
  4. Also the size of the pot preflop was just the 7 from each of us then the dollar from the other 3. So he wouldn't really be getting odds to call on his money here.
  5. ok, playing at a local house game and I have AA in the small blind. Blinds are only .50/1.00 but lots of action. 5 handed and everyone limps back to me. I raise $7 to go,, seems like a big raise but it's the standard raise there. Flop comes K J 4 . I fire out 10, I get one caller. Turn is a 5 , I bet out 15 more, guy calls. River is 2 , I finally bet out 25, guys calls and turns over 7 8 for flush. Did I play this wrong or was this guy just a moron?
  6. I'd play if someone gave me the $33 entry fee,,, otherwise i cant,,, so lmk,,, but I doubt you will stake..... start the flaming if you wish.
  7. Thanks for the info,,, i just used it,,, it said it would be from 24-72 hours though,,,,, do you know if you have to deposit your own money if you use instanbankroll.com?
  8. how did the people get $50 free at poker fantasy,,,, i looked in the forum and couldn't find it.
  9. mine was a $2315 pot playint 1/2 nl omaha hi/lo,,,, great pot to win,,, i went from entering the table w/ 200 to leaving w/ like 3400,,, great day
  10. seriously,,, cmon,, the raiders suck the only reason i consider watching the game is b/c i got moss on my fantasy team. that's the only way they are worth watching. at least the chiefs have some good players
  11. thanks for the info,,, it seems to work alright
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