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  1. I'm guessing it's an obvious set of 7s.
  2. Oh yeah! my first win in quite sometime. High Fives all around.Thanx for the stake! (winnings shipped...)Psorry - I didn't see you're chat until I got the HH's... thanx for the support!*********** # 1 **************PokerStars Game #35729992872: Tournament #215165021, $1.50+$0.25 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (800/1600) - 2009/11/23 1:19:32 ETTable '215165021 1' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 3: merlopj (18060 in chips)Seat 7: krolcheezy21 (8940 in chips)merlopj: posts the ante 75krolcheezy21: posts the ante 75merlopj: posts small blind 800krolcheezy21: posts big blind 1600*** HOLE CARDS
  3. is this offer still open? merlopj (madison heights)thanx!P
  4. um, for the same reason a dog licks his balls?
  5. so me and a couple friends had a 2 part challenge amongst ourselves. We had a month to play min 20 SnG / Tournaments for best ITM% and ROI. I cashed 1 time in about 25+ tries and proceeded to lose my entire roll at $2 level. Awesome. Honestly tho, I was almost happy to go broke and just quit playing online. It just wasn't fun anymore. period. The sad thing is, I was a decent NLHE tourney player and may have shown a profit, except when I'd play PLO and wipe out any bankroll building progress. P
  6. I'm in a monthly poker league with 17 members. Each month we play a tournament for both cash and Final Table standings. We hold 25% of the prize pool each month and compile it for the Final Table prize pool at the end of the season. 10 people will make the final table based on their season long rankings. Top 9 are automatically in, and 10-13 play for the 10th spot. Your monthly score is based on where you bust out. For example, if you bust out first you get 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points and so on. 1st place would get up to 17 points if everybody shows up.Here's my dilemma: Tonight is our
  7. Try the Restaurant "Mothers" over in the business district across Canal from the French Quarter. You might have to wait in line for a bit, but the shrimp and softshell crab po'boys are incredible (and HUGE). The etoufee is real nice too. Otherwise, eat anywhere like Freddec suggested. have funP
  8. There's not much talk about Michigan Charity poker rooms out there, but I found this forum dedicated to those rooms. There's not much traffic there yet, but I'm hoping to get a free night away from the baby and go play soon. Does anybody have any reviews or thoughts about any of the ones around metro Detroit? http://forum.michiganpokergames.com/index.phpI don't know if I'm stepping on toes here and don't have anything to do with the forum, but thought it could benefit folks around MI. Especially those not able to play at the Casinos. I'm not sure, but think the legal age is 18 to play at
  9. ? what's the over / under for:1. lbs gained per: a. total length of employmentb. 3 weeksc. 3 months2. number of different uniform shirts worn3. deep fryer burns4. coworkers that start & quit/get fired during length of employment
  10. They may have only sold 36 condos recently but I can tell you that most of the Veer Towers are already sold, and have been for quite some time. I'm one of the architects that was working on that project and it was pretty exciting, especially when I got to go out and actually visit the site (Our office is based in Detroit, MI). What we should really be talking about is how MGM/Mirage's stock has completely tanked over the last year and they've stopped funding for many other projects they had my firm ready to work on. Which leads me to my hidden sympathy post: since our firm lost so much work
  11. so the joke's on Clonie when she gets assault charges pressed because the tasing will be done in public, thus nullifying any contract or rights to profit sharing at FullTilt Poker, right? ;-)
  12. well thanks for all the replies fellas, glad I could add some humor to your day too. I figured I was a little more 'worried' than need be, but had to ask. good luck :-)P
  13. So after reading the whole tax lowdown of the WSOP final table and some other articles regarding online poker and taxes on taxabletalk.com, it occurred to me that I could get a nasty letter from Uncle Sam if my old NetTeller account gets investigated.Essentially, it was an offshore bank account that I was obligated to report on my tax returns. I didn’t. I didn’t because I didn’t know that’s how it was looked at, nor did I know I had to report them. So now Uncle Sam is going to look at it and see that the only transactions were deposits from my bank, FullTilt and Pokerstars, and withdrawals
  14. I just logged in - down to three. Gotta love the shots of the bar in the back of the room.
  15. It could probably be proven by looking at hand histories. For example: Victim opens for a raise, Bad Guy 1 calls Bad Guy 2 re-raises. Victim folds, BG1 folds. BG2 gets chips. Could be a squeeze play, but not with 83o, and J6o, right?or: BG1 bets a lot with nothing, BG2 raises with nothing. BG1 pushes. BG2 folds. BG1 gets chips back.or: BG1 flops a set, BG2 flops a straight. They check it down.
  16. That guy should get a stake from that exiled Nigerian Prince who's been trying to send me a couple $mill.
  17. in the spirit of fairness, how about calling from the small blind and checking down to the river? Best hand wins, eh? That at least gives Mr. Timeout a chance. He's gotta win 2/3 every other hand to break even, but that's just postponing the inevitable. I'd give him the disconnect time, then start stealing. That's what it's there for, right?Also, don't rules clearly state that someone cannot take over for another player? so what's the point of waiting for a pinch hitter? or are there caveats for disconnects?OK, let's move to the WSOP ME. You are heads up w/ Matusow and he drops an F-bomb
  18. take out a home equity or other low interest loan. Use the money to buy the stone. Get married ...because the best part of getting married is that "my debt" then becomes "our debt". just a thought.Honestly tho, do some networking and find someone with 'connections' to a jewelry store or diamond brokers. I did and had an awesome ring made with some very nice stones for a fantastic price. (brag post: it's been appraised higher than what I paid for it)One sacrifice I made was not paying the dummy tax on the "ooh this diamond is such n such" certificate. Total waste of money. Trust me. tota
  19. (mods please move if necessary)Someone suggested playing 6 handed Sit N Go's as a good way to build a bankroll in another thread. Leaving the cash game vs. SnG / MTT re: variance, tourneys are for suckers, arguements out of it... I have some questions:What criteria do you consider when choosing a Sit N Go tournament?Why 6 handed and not 9 or 18 handed? Are your choices based on personal preference, or is there some complicated ROI vs. blind structure vs. # opponents formula that explains what the best odds are? For example, 33% players get paid in a 6 or 9, but only 22% of the field gets pa
  20. hilarious! Lord knows how many times I've wanted to smash mine. The only thing keeping me back was the nagging feeling that the mouse cost more than what I just lost. I don't know if that's your case tho.THe other -EV thing about cordless mice is when the batteries die on you mid-hand. It's happened to me several times and sends me booking through the house looking for the TV remote or something else with 2 AA batteries to swipe. I now keep an ample supply nearby.
  21. (to be taken somewhat in jest... but not totally)Not to bust your balls, but parts of Warren border Detroit, whilst Royal Oak does not. So that's an awfully long time to take to cross the street.... and that street is 8 Mile for all y'all haters! Trust me, I know because I live in Madison Heights, which is located geographically exactly between RO and Warren. Anyway, my point is why all the hate on Motown? Let's move this story to say... Foxwoods. (it could happen just as easy there) Does that mean Conneticut and all it's NYC suburban glory is a big dark stain on the map? Obvious-friggin-l
  22. When I play online, I wear a pair of sunglasses from www.pokercheats.com that let's me see everybody's hole cards. They've got this really cool algorithmic laser filter. You shouldn't wear them outside tho, because real sunlight will catch your eyebrows on fire. I found that out the hard way.
  23. yep, any K would've done it too.I know how you feel tho. I got it all in w/ JJ vs T4 (yes, roger that you fools) yesterday. Good ol' T on the flop and trip him up on the turn. GG me. First time in a long while I've actually yelled out loud in disgust. So I've got that going for me... which is nice.P
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