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  1. The crime isn't stopping the sucker at the table lose his money; the crime is you not getting the sucker's money.
  2. I'm in tonightShizzmoney (Boston)
  3. You make a very valid point.Even God agrees:
  4. I thought the Russian should of limp-jammed with AK from the SB there, but Jerry probably would of called anyways because he thought he was walking on water with how the deck was hitting him in the face.I am also suprised at how many players tried to play BIG pots with Jerry PF. He obv loves to call all-ins. I would of tried to small ball him to death, Kravchenko executed this perfectly in blind vs blind play for a while and worked his way from 9 million to 27 mil.
  5. For a game that involves lying, deception, and gambling......there sure are a LOT of Jesus freaks who play. Asking Jesus/God to help you hit a card/hand hold up is almost like trying to get money from an insurance company. You know they are probably there, but they 'aint listening and you 'aint gonna see none of it.I remember watching this live and saying to myself, "I hope Jesus Christ himself goes down to Jerry and tells him, 'Hey, a*shole, does it look like I'm the one dealing and shuffling the cards? Pray to the dealer, not me. I have enough prayers to answer and your just going to have to
  6. Thanks for the conversion, Frez. For some reason, I couldn't make it look as good as you did with the suits and cards in tow.As for the hand, yes, I was aggrodonkin' it on 4th street and beyond. My NLHE tourney instincts kind of took over here. "I have A23 mofo and I am not going to lose this god dmaned hand: CLICK BETBETBETBETBET!!!!!!1111"Although I will say, I bet the rough 9 on 7th partly because I though I MIGHT have caught back up with the best hand (although highly unlikely as one pointed out, again aggrodonking), I MIGHT get him to fold (although not likely, but I've seen people mak
  7. Seeking advice from the FCP Razz players out there on how I could of played this hand better. I feel good about part of my line, but I feel like something is missing I can't see. Part of is bad beat though, but the result to me is not the issue (although it sucked ass). But what I am curious about is HOW I could of avoided it/saved money from it (big part of Razz IMO is to stagnate losses)I bet river as part defensive bet, part hoping he'll be dumb enough to fold, since I've already observed he'll call 4 bet cold with something that's NOT A23 (cause I have it, he has A48 lol).Full Tilt Poker G
  8. If it makes you feel better, she is hanging around/hooking up/dates that UBT guy "Hollywood" Dave, the one with the troll doll collection. That guy is the most annoying gambler on TV today, I could never imagine actually hanging out with him without wanting to punch him in the face.
  9. She will be a force in tournament poker for years to come.
  10. Video of him walking outside a building with a major shiner on his left eye. Dunno if it was for a UB commerical or if it actually happened.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLGiw4UxhhI
  11. So he's a whale...sweet. Sick part is that Brandon guy kind of misplayed it. The 27 guy looked like he was going to go all the way and fire 3 bullets at that baby.
  12. Good and long article on a recent session by Hellmuth, who apparently has all of the mobney to bust us F**king donks.Article here:http://www.allaussiepoker.com/articles/art-7-4-06.htm
  13. not with the way he runs, obv blowin up huge PokerStars Game #11707513623: Tournament #59045255, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2007/08/26 - 17:55:14 (ET) Table '59045255 1' 9-max Seat #2 is the button Seat 1: micon (6786 in chips) Seat 2: GrinderMJ (2445 in chips) Seat 4: Shizzmoney (3412 in chips) Seat 5: Macon Marc (1047 in chips) Seat 6: Homestar (3428 in chips) Seat 7: jkopp984 (2536 in chips) Seat 8: ckspinner (1346 in chips) Shizzmoney: posts small blind 50 Macon Marc: posts big blind 100 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Shizzmoney [Qh Jh] Homestar: folds jkopp984: folds micon
  14. Here is another snippet I grabbed from the poker site, homepokergames.com(link). It was dated well before this site came about:
  15. This week in "Great Moments in Sports Gambling": This game made me alot of money......I took Tampa Bay and the under and totally smashed it. Paid for 3 months of my rent in college as well as an XBOX. Good times.
  16. "Hey kid, just re-raise 'em with A8 soooted........then even you can TP/MM!
  17. He's been on TV before, finished 10th in the 2006 WSOP ME. Very solid player, played well vs Prahlad.Although he has a tendency to make TOO many laydowns, as evident when the old man limped from the SB with 54o, and he checked with A6o, pot 125K. Flop AJ3r. Old man just open shoves 800K in there, obv he had air when he failed his arms toward the pot. Fred thinks for like 2 minutes before laying it down and even showing the guy, whom I'm sure is a nice guy. But the I the whole, "old man plays tight" addage got the best of Fred there. The rest of the play in this episode was classic Donkwo
  18. Using your logic then, what's more horrible: shoving 90-95 bbs in the WSOP ME with Tens full? Or calling off 90-95 bbs in the WSOP ME with three Queens, 9 kicker?
  19. You know, some of us like to overbet with the nuts from time to time.
  20. I play a little differently than most folks here......I know everyone is suggesting to check-raise or fire out on the flop to "find out where they are at.", but you can do this is other ways. I dislike the check-raise flop line here, mostly because it tips off your hand vs an aggressive player who might have air, and I would "walk the dog" here if he is an total aggrodonk. From what I read from your view of him, he plays his big hands and some draws aggressively. I like to keep my pots small vs these players and see what develops on the turn or river and see how good of a spot I can get the
  21. Looks like somebody forgot to cut and paste.I haven't seen what I got from them last night, though. I hope they hit me (and Vatche) off proper
  22. I keep getting the "back in 3 minutes....2 minutes...1 minute...repeat" message, to. It's like being at an airport.Chop/chop +EV though
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