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  1. Maybe try taking a break for a few days. Try not to think about poker, then come back and get your BR up again.
  2. I hope you are joking. The question wasnt "could he win 12 bracelets this year", it was "could he win his 12th bracelet this year". Meaning his 12th overall bracelet, not win 12 times in one year.
  3. Full tilt has more to play with. They have the cap games, which Im not sure about because I think it defeats the whole purpose of NO LIMIT. They also have the mixed games which can be fun.
  4. I think it Daniel Powter. Is it me or does he sound just like Robert Williamson, but pissed off all the time?
  5. I see nothing wrong with just calling the reraise. This is a cash game and way more often than not you will be the underdog. There is no way he is playing this fast without a pocket pair, and more likely a big pocket pair, unless you have seen him do this before. I rarely see it as a good idea to push preflop with AKo especially in a cash game. I just dont think you will win often enough to make this play profitable.
  6. Yeah, this isn't really about bad beats, just some bad luck playing the 1/2NL at Harrahs Casino in NOLA. It was one of those days where I was catching hands, and hitting flops, but getting beat by better hands. It started out good, got KK UTG got one guy all-in on the flop, and I was up about $180 within the first 1/2 hour. But after that. it was all down hill. I was delt AQs on the Button, guy two seats back raises to $5(he was one of the loosest guys at the table, I saw get caught bluffing twice in the first hour we were there), I bump it up to $25, he calls. Flop Q-5-2, rainbow. He checks,
  7. Good job on keeping your cool. I would have had to leave after that beat and dance like that, there was no way I was going to be any good the rest of the night.
  8. To answer OPs question, no you werent wrong for betting him out of the pot! It was a risky move, but it worked. The guy should not have told you his hand, that right thre is bad poker ethics. He thought he could get you to not bet if you didnt have a straight. His plan didnt work. Screw that guy, he should have been more careful about what he says. Oh, and to the guy with the two chicks making out in his avatar, that is by far the best avatar that I have ever seen.
  9. Those hands are always the most satisfying. You knew he would make a huge bluff, and took advatage of it. Nice Job!
  10. Is there any websites that you can watch high stakes poker? I'm not talking about live, just the past shows from GSN.
  11. thib82

    I'm A Pimp

    There is nothing wrong with being from the south.I have to agree that it was a bad anology though. What DN is saying, is that, the 7 players are doing something illegal, which isn't true, because online poker isn't illegal yet (I'm assuming thats what he is referring too). His anology is more closely related to stealing cable then calling the cable company about a bad reception, or a coke dealer selling you baking soda and calling the cops because you want your money back.
  12. Now that I have read a little of the lawsuit, I can see a point to it. This is alot like EA Sports not putting the names of players on their college games. They would have to pay each player royalties from what the game make is money. The lawsuit is trying to do this for poker players. If the WPT makes money off a player, then they are saying that player should get paid. The way it is now, the player can't get paid. I think the fact is, it's the WPT's choice whether or not to have this type of contract. If you don't like it, then don't play in their tournys. It's that simple, and I have to say
  13. IMO, it's the dealer and the guy who put too many chips in the pot, fault, not DN. If this would have happen to me, where I got more chips than I was supposed to, and a rail bird made a comment, it would have been on. This in no way effects you, so you have no right to make a comment about it. you say you have lost all respect for him now, seriously, there was 12 mil at stake here. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this. Yeah, it is probably immoral, but it's 12 mil!!
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