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  1. Party definetely has 1/2 6 max. What it doesn't have is 2/4 6 max. Although someone has mentioned that there will be 2/4 6 max in the near future. Can't wait for that.
  2. Man...where can I find those default rules. I've had PT for a month and still can't figure it out.
  3. I'm wondering what hands should be raised in the BB when there's no bet preflop. Specifically, I'm wondering about hands like KQs, 1010, A10,AJ...etc. I guess it would depend on how many players have limped in, but I seem to be undecided on what to do with the above type hands. Raising obviously will not thin the field...would it be better to just check here with those hands?Any suggestions?
  4. here ya go buddy...http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/
  5. Yes I am relatively new to 6 max. Just started playing .50/1 and 1/2 in the beggining of January. My strategy so far has been to watch tables and find ones with very little preflop/postflop raising. I tend to look for the most passive tables and try to be the most aggresive player at the table. I don't tend to stay at the table very long if I feel I am not the most or second most aggressive person. So far it has been working. I agree the avg pot stats on PP is not very helpfull.
  6. sit to the left of whoever told you this and you'll do fineI was actually hoping you would respond econ as I value your comments on this forum...but sure I'll take this into consideration too..
  7. Hey guys,I'm just wondering what sort of things to look for when choosing a good 6 max table. Specifically, things to look for in PP 6 max tables. Do we look for the same things that we look for in full ring? i.e large pots, lots of players preflop...etc. I've been told that I should look for the opposite for 6 max...any truth to this?Thanks.
  8. I think the guy with the threes played it the worse by far. Dunno how he got to the river :?
  9. Its really the only way you can play poker and watch porn at the same time...
  10. Lots of hands in a short period of time => Make lots of money in a short period of time....or in my case lose a lot of money in a short period of time!
  11. Absolutely, but for me its even worse. Its the SB and the BB, I lose an equal amount in both positions. Man I suck.
  12. Don't be so laaaazy :-) Just google it, you'll find millions for every site.
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