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  1. I'd have to say that you need to go "all in" on this one if you know what i mean bro'the rage :twisted:
  2. Congrats on your succesful card playing my brother........and shame on Pacific for basically stealing from your success...D-A-M-N the Man!!The Rage :twisted:
  3. Yeah dude.... you better think a little more before you make up another lie on this forum.The Rage :twisted:
  4. pistons get no respect. It's ridiculous that hamilton and billups didnt make tha all star team this year. pistons are the champs man!! Give em their props yo'!!I'm especially glad for Dice. The pistons went out on a limb and put their faith in him . I'm so glad for him.The Rage :twisted:
  5. i find the easiest way to grind out money on p stars is the 5 dollar and 10 dollar tounament sit and go'si usually start out with a minimum 50 dollar deposit and go from there.if you play alot of tourneys, it really helps with getting some serious table time. Thats if your a tourney player.I find that it;s pretty easy getting wins at the 5 dollar table. Theres alot of crazy aggresive no experienced card players. Easy money.You build up to around a hunred or so bucks and then try your hand at the 20 or 30 dollars sit and go's to test your skills.If i get up to a 150 bucks I'll usually try a 50
  6. Your putting me to sleep with this shit man. Obviously you have issues.I say you should take all of your tuition money, go to Vegas and roll it into a big cash game. :twisted:
  7. I wouldn't mind watching both of these chicks do each other. How bout that shit boys?The Rage :twisted:
  8. if all are welcome....simply post the password yo'
  9. post the password yo'........we playin or not?
  10. Damn why didn't I think of that? That move is used often. On top of that there could be a number of things said to him as well to mess with him like:"just to let you know.... I'm not trying to steal, I have good cards here brother!! and to prove it, I'll let you see one of my cards, whichever one you want." How correct you are, this does lead the opponent to believe that you have a pair and who cares which one he sees when you have ACE King, you still have good odds to take the hand.The Rage :twisted:
  11. I just wanted to take the pot down. I wanted to show him the ace to let him know that I wasn't attempting to steal with nothing. I dont know, I can see alot of different points here. Now that I think of it and from what I've heard from some of you guys, it would seem quite arrogant to show the cards, but as I'm sure some of you guys know, when it gets that late in the game, and everyones drinking, there's alot of guys flipping their cards around, showing people their cards and unethical play. Especially in home basement tourneys. I would never even think of showing in a casino tourney. The rul
  12. whats the sklansky rating on a Q 10 suited pocket hand ???
  13. Well I didn't do it and I guess you are right. It probably would be pretty arrogant. He sure was taking a hell of a long time to call, it was late and everyones patience was getting thin.The Rage :evil:
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