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  1. That seems like a very strange tactic to me. Why would you risk your entire stack against a calling station like that, particularly on a dangerous draw-heavy board?Yes, you're ahead, but surely if he's a calling station, the thing to do is raise lower amounts and grind his chips down over a longer time period.Calling stations will catch at some point - if you're not pushing your entire stack every time you think you're way ahead, they can't take you out when they catch; but as you'll be ahead most of the time you raise, the odds over the long-run will be so heavily in your favour, you'll ta
  2. You just cheered me up April - thanks! (sorry, couldn't resist)That's one sick, sick deal of cards.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I don't think I could ever stop playing completely, but having played for about 4 years now, I've just never seen a run like this.I actually don't mind so much if I enter a tourney and early-on some clown plays terribly and takes all my chips with a suckout - you can't stop that and I know in the long-run, they will lose chips and I will gain chips with the best hand.However, it just seems like the poker gods are taking a huge sh*t on my fortunes every time I'm doing well in a tournament and feel like I'm playing really well, i.e. I get down to, say, the last 20 in a
  4. Don't post on here very often, but I am so sick of poker at the moment, cos it seems no matter how I play (playing really well or even just trying to catch something) I'm just taking it up the rear from everyone.The last month has been an absolute sickener for me and I'm really despairing at the moment and seriously wondering if I should just give up playing poker (aside from a home game I play each month) until the New Year or something.I won't go into too much detail on the sick beat after sick beat I seem to keep getting (cos everyone has them), but will just explain a few situations I've b
  5. Thanks Pot, makes me feel a little better that one! :-) The main reason why I asked the question is because I feel I'm still relatively new to the game (even though I seem to be doing ok most of the time), but I've never been as gutted to see someone catch as when my opponent did with that draw.I kept asking myself how he could possibly call for all his chips, with pot odds of around evens and draw odds of 2.5/1?For some of his chips (e.g. 10,000), yes, I could understand and would have done the same, but for ALL of them??That's why I wanted to put him to the decision like that, and that's w
  6. Thanks all.Lots to think about, and I'm sure I will slow down a little next time (hopefully) I'm in a tourney that late......Thanks again.H
  7. Apologies, I've just seen that there's a bad beats section. :roll:
  8. Thanks Matt.I didn't bet the pot, because I didn't want him to catch, and wanted to put him out of the pot before he could......
  9. Exactly the kind of reply I wanted.I guess the reason I went all-in was to definitely put him out of the pot, as I was sure he would draw lower bets to catch a hand; and the way I figured it, if I bet the pot (for example) and instead of playing for the catch, he re-raised all-in (on a bluff, as I was sure I'd read his cards), I would have called anyway.I guess the one thing I hate doing is underplaying a hand; so in my eyes, my choice was either a check, or all-in.Thanks for the help Anselm, I'll certainly know how to play it better next time...... 8)
  10. First, a bit of background - I am fairly new to this website and have been playing Hold 'Em for about 2 years. I generally play low level No Limit or Pot Limit and have been doing ok (am still in the black by a few hundred).However, last night I felt more gutted than I ever have before......I'm in a MT Tourney, 292 players and it's down to the final 13; having played probably my best poker of the last 2 years, I'm sitting in 2nd on 53,000 (leader is on 71,000); I felt it was going great, I was getting good reads on others betting patterns and had a fair amount of success on any coin flips (al
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