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  1. hu now, 2-1 chip disadvantage....opponent sucks tho , wish me luck
  2. small final tbl on poker stars...3 handed, 1st is 1250....name is jabadam, check me out and push this through....jabadam
  3. Start listening quit posting worthless crap an and PLAY. poker is not that hard. Try it.
  4. why does anybody on this forum even bother to post? Nobody cares to get better or even say anything useful. Just a bunch of morons posting spam because they have nothing better to do. turbo sngs on Poker stars are stupidly easy. Bunch of loosers
  5. flopped an ace running clubs, looks like i jinxed myself
  6. i am just giving myself confidence.....i know that online isnt my game. I would prefer live cash games any day of the week. However, the 55 turbo SNGs seem to be very lucrative. So do the medium buy in MTTs. Wish me luck, thanks for the responses.jabadam
  7. Won 1500 in a 33 Multitable last night. At FT of double shootout now at PS going for another 1200 right now. Wish somebody told me how easy online poker is. It is also hard to loose in the 55 turbo sngs. Up over 3k this week and going for more. Be in vegas Friday-Monday. If im still in this in an hour, come sweat.Jabadam
  8. Thanks for the replies. Dont post very often and rarely get to reply to my posts. Many of you commented on varience. Yah, i probably did get lucky but i dont think it takes much luck or a bankroll to beat those donkeys. In the 2-5 nl cash games there werent very many situations where luck had a chance to play a part. Very few all in showdowns....mostly small pots. Rarely came across anybody that would ever make a pot sized bet. It was more common to see 75 bet into 300 than 300 bet into 300. I am leaving on tuesday and will arrive at about noon. Anybody on this site gonna be out there
  9. First of all, i dont post very often.Second, this trip was from Dec 14-20th.Third, if you care to check the archives, under ( 2-5 Nl challenge....or something similar) my plan was to go to vegas with 4k and play 2-5 NL for a week for at least 12 hours a day and see what i can accomplish.The trip went without a hitch and everything went almost exactly as planned. I couldnt raise $4000 in funds and ended up in vegas with 1700 and no where to stay. Obviously, my bankroll sucked, and had to book a few winning sessions early. First sesssion- Got to vegas jonesing to play and went to the bella
  10. shitload of chips now......running good
  11. yes, they are both in top 4 with 30 remaining. Zee knocked me out kind of early....was curious about his play and have watched him the whole time. Played this tourney very tight. Every time he enters a pot he doubles up...im impressed.
  12. zee justin is chip leader with 50 left in PS 500k. Very interesting railbirds at the table.later
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