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  1. Well,I was just asking for opinions, didn't expect heros who think they're the next Negreanu to belittle me. In defense to me, I had played very well the whole tournament and had caught only 1 or 2 flushes and straights throughout the course of 2 or 3 hours, so these trip 3s looked very strong. As well this was an online tournament so it's harder to read your opponent, and in a real life game you'd be able to tell right away if the guy had quads just by the way he put his chips in the middle.It's too bad I can't get a good opinion from Daniel. Thanks to all with good responses.
  2. Hey Daniel, I'll get to the point.I was playing in an online tournament today, it started with 4000 people and when this hand occured only 75 were left. I feel it's important to say this because it tells you people we're tightening up a bit trying to get in the money (Top 9). The Hand:Anyways, the average stack at the table was about 20 000 and I was sitting with 40 000 when I looked down to Pocket 3s. I decided to limp in with them and caught trips off the flop. I played aggressively on the flop with a 3500 bet, and it looked like this: 3 4 10 . I was called by a few players and the turn
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